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Article: Do I Need A Lawyer After A Drunk Driving Accident?, Car Accident

Do I Need A Lawyer After A Drunk Driving Accident?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 28 people die every day as a result of alcohol-impaired driving. This figure translates to one death in every 53 minutes. The annual cost of drunk driving crashes totals to more than $44 billion. If you have been involved in an accident as a result of drunk driving from the other party, then chances are that you have a good case.

At this point, you may be contemplating whether it is in your best interest to hire a drunk driving accident. If a conviction has been made for drunk driving. The insurance company will move to make a claim so as to avoid a lawsuit. In most cases, they will look to settle within the shortest time possible. For starters, you need to inform them that you intend to get full compensation for any injuries incurred, and the damage to the car as well. If this your first time, it is wise to consult with drunk driving or personal injury attorney. On your own, you may not be in a position to determine what constitutes a fair settlement.

There are several types of damages awarded in auto accident claims. Compensatory damages are awarded to cater for medical bills, loss of income and any other out-of-pocket expenses incurred. However, in most cases, injuries may also result in mental pain and anguish. These are categorized under “general damages”. To receive damages for pain and suffering, the victim will have to demonstrate that they have suffered pain and mental anguish. In such an instance, it is wise to involve a lawyer. They have vast experience in these cases, and they have dealt with insurance adjusters and judges before. In some drunk driving cases, “punitive damages” can also be awarded. This is applicable in egregious and despicable actions. Punitive compensation is awarded to discourage the repeat of such conduct. As evidenced, seeking the advice and representation of a lawyer can help you secure the full value of your claim.

While most auto accidents are handled outside of court. There are unique circumstances where it would be prudent to have the case heard in court. An auto accident lawyer will assess the merits of the case and advise you on the best course of action. If the case goes to trial, you need a lawyer who can face the adjusters and any other party relevant to the claim.

Apart from the drunk driver, there can be other parties who are at fault in the case. In some cases, the drunk driver may not be the only person liable. For instance, if the driver consumed alcohol at a local bar and he was served with more alcohol even after obvious signs of intoxication, then the bar can also be held liable in part. The same can apply if the drunk driver in question is a minor. The parents, the owner of the car or the bar can be liable in this case.

Auto accident and personal injury lawsuits are governed by different state laws and statutes. In most cases, lawsuits cannot be filed after two to three years. However, some states impose a shorter period of one year. As such, you need to engage an auto accident so that you do not file a claim after this period has expired.

If the car accident is fatal, then the law provides that the surviving estate can file for a wrongful death claim. Wrongful death suits are emotional and delicate. If you have lost a loved one a caregiver, you may not be in the best frame of mind to prepare for a legal case. In such cases, all the parties will fight hard as none will want to have to pay for wrongful death. Even when the circumstances leading to the death are clear, these cases can often take turns and twists.

Auto accidents can have far reaching consequences on your health and well-being. In most cases, the effects can last a life time. Given that there is so much at stake, it is good to consult with an auto accident lawyer. They can help you get compensation based on the merits of your injuries and the long-term consequences.

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