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Article: The driver of the other car doesn’t have insurance. What do I do?, Car Accident Insurance

The driver of the other car doesn’t have insurance. What do I do?

Few things are more stressful than being involved in a car accident, especially when there are injuries sustained during the crash. Life feels as if it is falling apart around you when you’re involved in an accident regardless who is to blame for the issue. When this happens to you, you might assume it can’t get any worse. Then you call the insurance company to discuss the accident and what happens next and find out the other driver doesn’t have insurance. This might not matter too much if you’re to blame for the accident, but it matters significantly when the other driver is the cause of the accident. They hit you, caused you bodily injury, and they caused your car to need serious repairs or even replacement. Now you find out the other driver doesn’t have any insurance, and you can’t figure out how to pay for the damages.

It’s time to call your insurance agent. This is the solution to your problem. You’re insured for this specific reason, and it helps if you have uninsured motorist coverage. This is a policy that helps you when an accident occurs and the at-fault driver is not insured. Your insurance company will pay for the cost of the damages associated with your accident, and they will help you cover the fees and other issues that arise. They will then go after the other driver in a legal battle of their own.

What Happens Next?

The first thing to do is find out whether you live in a no-fault state. This is a state that doesn’t blame anyone for an accident. If you live in a state like this, your insurance is going to cover the cost of your accident regardless. It doesn’t matter if someone else was to blame for the accident in a no-fault state. It’s your insurance company all the way, and you can’t file a lawsuit against the other driver or their insurance company. In this case, their lack of an insurance company.

There are a few laws that make this law obsolete. If the accident was caused by someone else and it’s a serious accident, you have a better chance of being able to secure a lawsuit against them if you sustain serious injuries or long-term medical bills. This is life-changing, and your insurance company doesn’t want to pay for you to see the doctor and recover the cost of that for the rest of your life. They want you to get that money from the person who caused the issue in the first place.

If this happens, you can file a lawsuit against the other driver. You can also file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver if you are in another state without a no-fault agreement. The problem with doing this, however, is you aren’t guaranteed any funds. If a driver doesn’t have insurance, it’s likely because they don’t have the financial means to pay for it. When they can’t even afford to pay for their car insurance each month, there’s a good chance they’ll never be able to afford to pay you any damages if you win a lawsuit against them. In most instances, it’s not worth the time and effort required to file a lawsuit against a person like this.

Calling your insurance company is something you should do immediately following an accident, especially if the other driver doesn’t have insurance. In many instances, the driver of the other car might provide you with an old insurance card that no longer works because the policy has expired or it has not been paid. When this happens, it’s not easy to know until you call the insurance company. Some people wait a day or so to call since they’re shocked, confused, or even seeking medical treatment for their health issues. If this is the issue you have, you want to make sure you know what to do next.

Call a personal injury attorney. The best way to learn what laws apply to your situation and your life are to call an attorney with knowledge of how the law works where you are. Whether it’s a no-fault state or not, you have options and are entitled to legal representation to help you seek the damages you need. If the other driver was not insured, caused an accident, and you are injured, you have rights. Let an attorney help you make the most of your case by calling them right away. It’s important to seek legal help quickly so you lose no time or benefits following an accident. Your health and financial life depend on the damages you’re entitled to following an accident.

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