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Chicago Rollover Accident Lawyers

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Chicago Rollover Accident Lawyers

All car accidents are shocking and frightening incidents. Being in a rollover accident can be downright terrifying. If you or someone you love is in an SUV rollover accident in Chicago, it’s important to seek the counsel of an attorney once you’ve received medical attention.

Rollover accidents are catastrophic and before you agree to any proposal from an insurance company – before you have a conversation with one – you need to talk to a lawyer. It’s that simple.

The Lamber Goodnow team handles personal injury law, which includes rollover car accidents. These types of accidents are often complex and technical, requiring extra investigation, expertise and legal analysis. Because we’re injury law attorneys, we can provide you the service you need at one of the most critical times in your life. 

Understanding Rollover Accidents

Having an accident reconstructionist visit the scene and the junkyard or impound lot, analyze documents and create a report is critical in your claim. Rollover accidents often are severe and catastrophic – common results are a crushed roof, totaled vehicle and more. And that doesn’t even begin to address your physical injuries.

The Lamber Goodnow team and our Chicago partners have decades of experience handling rollover accidents. This includes our attorneys, partner attorneys, reconstructionists, legal assistants, medical experts, and experts on the insurance industry. Together, we’ll fight for you and represent your best interests.

Often, rollover accidents are the result of serious negligence on the other party. Distracted driving, texting while driving, mobile-phone use and other factors are common contributors to a rollover accident. We’ll evaluate the scene, reports, witness statements and more to understand the full scope of the accident.

Getting You the Compensation You Deserve

Compensation for a rollover accident isn’t just about your physical injuries – serious trauma, including broken bones, spinal injuries, traumatic brain injury and organ laceration are often the result. But beyond your physical pain there’s emotional pain. You need time to heal, time to return to work – or find a new job – and support to pay mounting bills. And that’s where our expert team comes in.

We’ll look at all the circumstances and facts that could have caused your accident. We’ll assess liability and go after the parties that caused your injuries and damages. And then we’ll fight for you, fight with the insurance companies, and work to get you a verdict on your behalf or a settlement.

Because these matters are often complex and can involve multiple insurance companies, it’s important that you have the right representation. Investigation of this kind takes not only time, but also expertise. We know how to work with insurance companies, argue on your behalf, and make it clear that we’re committed to fighting for you.

Our No-Fee Promise

Finding an attorney might feel like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. To make clients comfortable and keep them informed, we will happily schedule a no-obligation, free consultation with you. During this meeting, we’ll go over your case, your injuries and damages, and ask you questions.

If you decide to hire us, we’ll launch your case. And during this entire process, you won’t pay anything for our research, time or costs. Nothing. We only get paid if we get you a settlement or get a verdict in your favor. That’s our commitment to you.

To schedule your no-obligation consultation with one of our attorneys, call us at (312) 757-7777, anytime. We’re here 24/7 to listen and start the process.

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