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Chicago Negligent Hiring and Supervision Lawyers

Trucking companies, those entities that have commercial drivers that operate semis, tractor-trailers and other large vehicles, are accountable for the actions of their drivers. This liability includes not just making sure that drivers obey local, state and federal laws, but also in their hiring and supervision practices.

Commercial drivers have to be trained properly and repeatedly to maintain their status on the road. They also must have their backgrounds checked to make sure that they’re safe on the road and not a risk to other drivers.

But unfortunately, when drivers aren’t trained properly and aren’t qualified to be on the road, the public is put at risk. And their poor training results in hundreds of serious accidents across the nation each year – preventable accidents.

For decades, the Lamber Goodnow injury law team has represented victims and the families of victims who’ve been injured by negligent commercial drivers. These devastating injuries can cause catastrophic injury, damage and even death. Trucking companies, supervisors and drivers, as well as brokers, could be held liable for the negligence that caused your accident.

Expert Attorneys

With a downtown Chicago office, we and our partner firms help victims and their families take on trucking companies that have participated in faulty hiring and supervision of their drivers. When we take on a case, we launch a comprehensive investigation – this includes getting details about the driver, such as his/her driving history, criminal history, history of drug or alcohol use, previous employment history, and other potential issues.

We’ll also look into the trucking company and its history of accidents, its hiring practices, its supervision policies and its process for training and supervision.

These factors are all critical in understanding your accident. It’s not about just the collision, it’s also about what led up to the collision, the behavior of the driver and the company immediately after the collision, and more. Our expert team will look into every aspect of the crash to determine liability and assess the damages you’ve experienced.

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Trucking Company Responsibilities

When a trucking company puts a rig with tens of thousands of pounds on a public highway, it must do so with care. Drivers must be trained and licensed. Their backgrounds should be checked. Their time should be managed so they’re not driving under strain or fatigue.

Companies are also obligated to perform consistent training and maintenance, and to discipline drivers that don’t adhere to policies. If a company is shown to not uphold these standards, their negligence could become a part of your case. One common area of negligence is “negligent retention,” in which trucking companies fail to maintain accurate driving logs.

In addition to keeping their drivers trained and their activities logged, trucking companies also must have detailed information about their drivers’ routes, and the loads the drivers are carrying. Companies must be certain that their drivers are properly trained to handle those loads – whether it’s because of the weight/volume of the cargo or the nature of the cargo, such as hazardous materials.

Driver Responsibilities

Commercial drivers have greater responsibilities than a driver like you Commercial drivers must have a CDL, a commercial driver’s license, and also maintain a variety of endorsements that allow them to operate certain types of vehicles. Those endorsements also dictate what types of cargo they can carry.

Drivers need the right training and also have to occasionally get follow-up certification, depending on the types of endorsements they carry. Without the training or follow-up, they put drivers on public roads and highways at risk.

Our Commitment to Your Case

When we take on a case involving negligent hiring or supervision practices, our work comes with no upfront fees attached. We call this our No-Fee Promise. When we work on your behalf, we won’t charge you any fees for our efforts, investigation or litigation; we only get paid if and when we recover damages on your behalf from a settlement or a verdict in court.

If you’ve been involved in a collision with a truck or tractor-trailer, and suspect that the trucking company was negligent in its hiring practices, you should talk to an attorney immediately. You can contact us, 24/7, at (312) 757-7777 to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our attorneys.

When you talk to us, there is no charge and you’re under no obligation to hire us. We’ll answer your questions, ask you a few questions about your case, and outline your options.

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