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Chicago Truck Driver Fatigue Attorneys

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Chicago Truck Driver Fatigue Attorneys

One of the most common reasons for a trucking accident is operator fatigue – the physical and emotional strain put on commercial drivers can often result in careless driving, and severe truck accidents.

Fatigue is more than sleepiness. It’s extremely serious and its effects can be as costly to a family as alcohol impairment or other intoxication. Fatigue is another form of negligence and, unfortunately, causes far too many accidents every year.

The Lamber Goodnow injury law team can analyze all aspects of the collision – including determining when driver fatigue was a contributing factor – and help you get answers.

Understanding Driver Fatigue

Long-haul drives are among the most likely to result in driver fatigue accidents. During these drives that traverse several hundred miles – and often multiple states – it’s common for a driver to become fatigued as they operate a tractor-trailer through the night. The more tired someone gets, the more time it takes to react to something. What would normally be a simple lane adjustment or reason to apply brakes becomes more difficult when fatigued. And if you’re carrying a load of cargo that weighs thousands upon thousands of pounds, the damage that can be inflicted is enormous.

Driver fatigue can be especially dangerous because it sneaks up on drivers. It can be difficult to feel the effects of fatigue – and simply playing a radio louder, or rolling a window down won’t solve it. Sleep deprivation can result in catastrophe in a split-second.

Our Process

With our office in downtown Chicago, the Lamber Goodnow injury law team can leverage all of its resources together with those from it partner firms. We have decades of experience fighting cases involving truck or tractor-trailer accidents, and our specialists can identify when driver fatigue is an issue.

Our investigation process is thorough. We not only look at the records of the accident, but we’ll also work to uncover driver and maintenance records, company history and more. We’ll look at mobile phone records, communication databases, and talk to witnesses to find out what happened in the hours and minutes before and after the collision. If you, or your loved one, were involved in such an accident you’d expect no less.

Drivers are obligated to keep detailed logs of their time on the road. This includes not just the time they’re driving, but also when they rest, when they stop for fuel, everything. Devices attached to the tractor-trailer also download ample data about the trip. Local, state and federal regulations outline procedures for commercial drivers, and we’ll investigate whether the driver was persuaded to ignore regulations or drive longer than legally permissible. We’ll analyze all of this information to make sure nothing was tampered with or altered.

Our experienced team has seen the tactics used by trucking companies and insurance companies to hide what occurred before and after an accident. If we find out that the driver was fatigued, distracted or asleep at the wheel, we and our partner firms will aggressively represent you and your interests.

Beyond our lawyers, our experience team includes investigators, accident reconstructionists, and medical experts who are familiar with the traumatic injuries associated with tractor-trailer collisions. We’ll analyze every angle to make sure we can provide you the best representation possible.

Our No-Fee Promise

One of the areas where the Lamber Goodnow team is different is our No-Fee Promise. We stand by our track record, our method and our results, and we don’t charge our clients a penny to do our job. We only recover money if and when we win a verdict in your favor, or a settlement for you.

We’ll work for weeks, months, and years on your behalf – and you won’t receive a bill. Instead, you can focus on rehabilitation, recovery, and rebuilding your life.

To find out about your rights and understand what it’s like to have a distracted-driver trucking claim, please call us at (312) 757-7777.

We’ll schedule a no-obligation consultation with you, during which you can tell us about the accident, ask us questions and find out more about us.

Call us today so we can begin to fight for you, and your loved ones.

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