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Coronavirus and the Courts


We are monitoring how the Coronavirus
is affecting the court system.

The links below will be updated regularly.


Federal and Bankruptcy Courts – Court Orders and Updates During COVID-19 Pandemic Click HERE

U.S. Supreme Court 3/19/2020 Order extends the deadline to file any petition for a writ of certiorari due on or after the date of this order to 150 days from the date of the lower court judgment, order denying discretionary review, or order denying a timely petition for rehearing.  Click HERE to read the entire order.

The Arizona Supreme Court is maintaining a statewide COVID-19 update page, including administrative orders providing modified operations related to the pandemic. Click HERE for the latest updates.

Arizona State Bar Offices are closed through May 4.  Bar operations will continue remotely.




USDC District of Arizona General Order 20-26 re Continuing Court Operations

General Order 20-21  re MIDP terminates 5/1/2020


General Order 20-20  re Continued Suspension of Grand Juries, Petit Juries and Other Court Operations


General Order 2020-19  re temp closure of Flagstaff Courthouse extended through 5/3/2020


General Order 20-17


General Order 20-16


General Order 20-15


Arizona Supreme Court



6-1-20 Jury Management Subgroup Best Practice Recommendations Report

5-29-20 Supreme Court Updated Info re Requiring Mask to Enter Building eff 6-1-20 (scroll info to News, Info & More)

Admin Directive 2020-10 re Health Screening Protocols

Admin Order 2020-79 (replacing 2020-75) re Authorizing Limitation of Court Operations
And Transition to Resumption of Certain Operations

Chief Justice Brutinel May 7, 2020 Letter re Admin Order 2020-75

Guidance for Processing Eviction Matters

Admin Order 2020-70 (replacing 2020-60)


Admin Order 2020-67

Arizona Court of Appeals Division One AZ COA DIV 1 Courthouse Building Procedures Effective 6-1-2020

AZ COA DIV 1 4-1-2020 Notice


AZ COA DIV 1 Notice

Arizona Court of Appeals Division Two AZ COA DIV 2 6-4-2020 Press Release

AZ COA DIV 2 Notice re Health Screening

AZ COA DIV 2 Press Release


Apache County Superior Court Admin Order 2020-003


COVID-19 Further Mitigation Measures

Cochise County Superior Court Admin Order 2020-007  re Electronic Filing replacing Admin Order 2020-004


Admin Order 2020-002


Admin Order 2020-003


Coconino County Superior Court Admin Order 2020-006  re electronic filing of mental health evals


Admin Order 2020-005


Gila County Superior Court Admin Order 2020-006 re June 2020 Jury Trial Plan

Admin Order 2020-003


COVID-19 Memo


Graham County Superior Court Graham County Clerk of the Superior Court:  March 23, 2020/Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic The Clerk’s office urges people to  make payments online  and  get forms online  to help limit the traffic flow through the courthouse.

·        You can  make online payments  to Justice of the Peace #1 and Justice of the Peace #2 also.


Greenlee County Superior Court No Admin Order
La Paz County Superior Court Admin Order S1500AO-202000003  replacing 20200002


Maricopa County Superior Court Admin Order 2020-079 (replacing AO 2020-069) re Restricting Physical Access to Justice Courts

5/29/20 Press Release Announcing Transition Plan to Slowly Resume In-Person Operations starting 6/1/20

Admin Order 2020-078 (replacing AO 2020-065) re Restricting Physical Access to Court Facilities

City of Phoenix Municipal Court 5/21/20 Press Release re Require the Wearing of Masks

Mohave County Superior Court


Admin Order 2020-17


Admin Order 2020-16


Admin Order 2020-13

Navajo County Superior Court Admin Order 2020-008


Pima County Superior Court Announcement to Civil Practitioners from Hon. D. Douglas Metcalf

Admin Order 2020-24 (Replaces AO 2020-22) re Restricting Physical Access to Court Facilities

Effective 5/11/2020 Court Visitors must pass wellness check before entering courthouse and its offices

 Updated Guidance  re COVID-19 and Court Services

 Admin Order 2020-12

 Admin Order 2020-13

Pinal County Superior Court Admin Order 2020-00025


Admin Order 2020-00026


Admin Order 2020-00027


Admin Order 2020-00028


Santa Cruz County Superior Court Admin Order 2020-010 re Limiting Public Access to Court Building

3-25-2020 Press Release


Yavapai County Superior Court 5-28-2020 Press Release re Using Face Masks in ALL Courts

Press Release 4-7-2020


Admin Order 2020-07


Yuma County Superior Court Admin Order 2020-04



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