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Denver Texting Accident Lawyers

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Denver Texting Accident Lawyers

Mobile phones and wearable technology have given us innumerable benefits and conveniences. But they’ve also placed a deadly device in the hands of every driver, one that temps people into making bad decisions that, far too often, leads to a texting crash.

Distracted driving accidents are serious issues in Colorado today, and what’s worse is they’re completely preventable. The Colorado Department of Transportation estimates that nearly 25 percent of auto accidents in 2013 were distracted-driving incidents. It’s an epidemic.

The Lamber Goodnow injury law team, and our partner firms in Colorado not only help represent drivers who’ve been injured in a texting accident, we’re leaders in the cause to fight distracted driving.

Our partner Marc Lamber is a fierce advocate in the movement to fight distracted driving and pass smart legislation to protect our families on the road.

As a result, we’re particularly passionate about these cases. When we work with a client who’s been in an accident, we research the driver to make sure the incident wasn’t distracted-driving related. We also make sure the driver doesn’t have a history of such behavior.

Why Distracted Driving Matters

These accidents are more than simple fender-benders. They’re costing not just money in the form of damage to property and vehicles, as well as the time that first-responders need to devote to the incidents, they’re also hurting hundreds of thousands of people each year.

A text message simply isn’t worth a limb or a broken bone, or someone’s life.

From GPS systems to fitness trackers and streaming media, we’re bombarded by technology in our vehicles. It’s easy to be distracted, but it shouldn’t be. Our first priority should be safety on the road. If you’ve been injured by someone who was distracted, or if your family member has been hurt, you need an attorney who’ll fight for your rights.

Our Process

We’ll immediately begin an investigation when you hire us. Our process includes not just looking over the police report and working with the liable party’s insurance company, we’ll also reconstruct the accident and look at it from all angles. We’ll talk to witnesses, create a detailed explanation of your injuries and understand your prognosis completely. We’ll also subpoena any record or materials related to the distracted driving.

Our No-Fee Promise

Throughout the entire investigation, you won’t have to pay us a penny. That’s because we operate under a No-Fee Promise. Through this, our clients aren’t required to pay us any fee unless or until we win through settlement or verdict.

Contact Us Now

And in addition, your initial consultation with us is no-obligation and free as well. We want you to be armed with information and confidence, not another bill, when you’re looking for a lawyer.

Here’s how it works: You can call us at (303) 800-8888, and we’ll connect you with one of our intake specialists. In that conversation, we’ll ask you about the accident and your injuries. We might also ask about your family or work situation so we can understand how injuries will affect you in the long term. We’ll also answer your questions — we know you’ll have some — so you can understand all your options and how the process works. Then, it’s up to you.

The Lamber Goodnow legal team is nationally recognized for excellence. Our attorneys are routinely named among the best in the nation in their field, and we stand by our track record. Call us today, and let us know how we can help you handle your distracted driving claim.

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