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Our Team’s Innovative Uses of Technology in the Law

At the Lamber Goodnow team, we take pride in using technology in new and innovative ways in the law.  It is part of our firm’s culture and used in our day-to-day practice to benefit our team members and clients.  Below is a sampling of some of our programs.

Google Glass

Wearable technology, such as Google Glass, provides Lamber Goodnow with a way to present evidence from the user’s perspective.  For example, one of our clients was a double amputee, using Google Glass he was able to tell his story and show how his injuries have affected his day-to-day life in video.  This proved much more affective than writing demand letters or asking questions at trial about how his injury has affected his daily life.

Google Glass also helps us keep an open line of communication with our clients.  Some of our clients have been severely injured in an accident; however, with Google Glass they were able to communicate with us remotely through voice activation.  Additionally, Lamber Goodnow hopes to use the reinvented Google Glass to create open dialog through video conferencing.


Lamber Goodnow’s use of Fitbit assists with both trial prep and in showing the worthiness of our client’s claims.  We use Fitbit to monitor heart rates of members of focus group juries in order to determine whether a particular piece of evidence resonates with them.  We are able to track their heartbeat to detect an elevation and determine whether that specific evidence is important to them.

Additionally, Fitbit is used to track and monitor our client’s activity levels over the course of a day.  By tracking their activity, it helps us determine the difficulty that their injury has created, and also find out if the information found on the Fitbit is consistent with their healthcare provider’s recommendations.  By tracking this information, our firm has a more concrete way to prove our client’s claims of injury.

Apple Watch

In the short time that the Apple Watch has been available, Lamber Goodnow has found the technology to be affective in three important ways: improving client communication, increasing health and wellness within the firm and increasing business efficiency and convenience.

We have a program in which we loan Watches to our clients who have been catastrophically injured in order to make it easier for them to communicate with us.  One of the biggest complaints about attorneys is that they are not available for their clients.  By adding our clients to our VIP list on the Watch they have the piece of mind to know that their emails and text messages are seen right away.

Wearables, such as the Apple Watch, are used by each member of our team to monitor stress levels, which encourages members to lead healthier lives.  When stress levels increase we implement strategies to relax, which increases productivity.  The Watch also helps communication between team members.  The alerts and reminders keep communication streamlined and the haptic touch feature helps to discretely get a team member’s attention during a meeting or deposition.

3D Printer

The use of 3D printers assists Lamber Goodnow in creating a strong case from the ground up in a litigation sense before a lawsuit has even been filed.  For example, in a product liability case we are able to create the actual defective parts so that our experts and decision makers on the opposing side can actually hold them and see that there was a better way they could have been designed.  It makes it much easier to sell the idea when the defective product is right in front of you rather than described to you.  This can save our clients money by possibly resolving a very expensive case in the pre-litigation phase.


The Lamber Goodnow team uses iPads in a variety of ways to assist both team members and clients.  Our members use apps to increase mobility and productivity.  We use iPads in the more common way, for example, to create deposition outlines and to link to the court reporter in order to see a live transcript and ask more specific questions.

However, we are able to assist our clients by using iPads in a more innovative manner.  Starting in 2011, Lamber Goodnow began using iPads for video demands instead of demand letters.  We send 5-10 iPads in metal briefcases with Boise noise-cancelling headphones to the opposing parties. By using video discovery, the opposing parties may hear from both our client and experts to make sure they fully understand the strength of our position.  The team works with a director and former Disney animator to create reconstructions in order to make our case as strong and clear as possible. As a result, the demand videos often lead to settling cases before they are even filed.

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