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Denver Truck Driver Log Violation Lawyers

All trucking companies need to follow local and federal laws designed to keep their trucks safe on our country’s public highways and intersections. But if a trucking accident occurs in Colorado, it’s imperative that someone investigates whether the trucking company was operating within the law. Families that have lost a beloved family member must know that the truck’s records are accurate and that there is no doctored driver log.

Study upon study show that when a driver is pressured to perform at a higher level by carrying a larger load than what’s safe, drive for a dangerously long shift or skip scheduled training, the public is at risk. One simple error, flutter of sleepy eyelids or heavy cargo load can cause devastating results. And if the company produces a falsified truck record as a result, they must be held accountable.

The Lamber Goodnow Process

The Lamber Goodnow injury law team, together with our partner law firms throughout Colorado have knowledgeable professionals who handle trucking accidents. Our team knows how to not only successfully fight trucking companies and their powerful insurance companies, we also know how to conduct a thorough trucking investigation. When we take your case, we’ll review the scene, interview any witnesses, talk with the police investigator, review any closed-circuit video, and subpoena records to verify that the driver and trucking company were operating within Colorado and federal law.

We’ll also look at these factors:

  • Any evidence of a doctored driver log
  • Whether there was a falsified truck record
  • Whether driver fatigue was an issue
  • The truck’s maintenance record
    The driver’s logbook
  • The driver’s license history and training history
  • The trucking company’s hiring procedures

Contact our law firm today at 303-800-8888. Speak with a lawyer right away — before speaking with any auto insurance provider if possible. Other steps you can take now!

If necessary, our legal team will partner with expert accident reconstructionists who can animate the trucking accident to show what happened, at what speed and in what order. We’ll help establish liability, prove whether the truck driver was at fault, and also establish whether the trucking company also has added liability because of negligence or other unlawful behavior.

Our No-Fee Promise

All that work sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be for you. The Lamber-Goodnow Team is nationally renown for not just its success rate, but also its process. With our No-Fee Promise, you can be confident that you’re getting not just a best-of-its-kind legal representation, you’re also getting it for no out-of-pocket fees. When you hire us, you won’t pay us for the investigation we launch. We only get paid if, and when, we recover money for you and your family through a settlement or a verdict in your favor.

Contact Us Today

To find out more, call us now at (303) 800-8888. We’ll schedule a no-obligation, no-cost consultation with you to go over your accident, your questions and your options. You need an advocate fighting for you after a truck accident — talk to the Lamber Goodnow legal team today.

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