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Denver Negligent Hiring and Supervision Attorneys

After a trucking accident, investigators determine liability — in other words, who was at fault for the accident. But beyond basic liability, it’s also important to understand whether there was any negligence beyond what the driver did in the moments before the collision.

The Lamber Goodnow injury law team’s truck accident professionals conduct thorough investigations to find out whether negligence by the trucking company was a contributing factor.

When a trucking company operates vehicles on Colorado’s streets and highways, it must follow several local and federal laws to protect the public. Each time a driver hauls a load, there are several procedures that must be followed. But if the trucking company is negligent in the way it hires, supervises or trains its drivers, it’s putting the general public in danger.

If you’ve been hit by a truck, you need an aggressive attorney on your side who’ll not only establish liability and get you the money you need to heal and rebuild your life, you also need an experienced attorney who can investigate the full ramifications of the accident. Proving that a trucking company was negligent not only makes your case stronger, it protects the public by changing dangerous behaviors.

Our Investigation Process

When we investigate a truck accident, no stone is left unturned. Our team includes not just lawyers, but also experienced professionals with knowledge in trucking laws, auto collisions and accident reconstruction. When you hire us, we’ll review the accident scene, any documentation from the police report, witness statements, social media/texting activity, and your medical records. But we’ll also dig deeper by looking into the driver’s history, his/her logbook, the training practices of the company, and more.

If a commercial trucking company fails to properly train its drivers, it’s putting the public at risk. And if it’s hiring drivers who aren’t prepared or capable to do their jobs, the company is liable for your injuries, pain and suffering.

Here are just a few of the facts we’ll want to verify during our investigation:

  • The driver’s CDL and its endorsements
  • The logbook
  • When and where the driver was licensed
  • How often the driver was trained
  • Whether the driver had been disciplined previously, and what happened as a result
  • How the driver was recruited and hired
  • What cargo the driver was carrying
  • How long the driver had been on the road the day of the accident
  • Whether the driver had received proper rest in the days leading up to the accident
  • The accident history for vehicles owned by the trucking company

Too often, we’ve found evidence that poor-performing drivers were put back on the road without proper training, or that drivers were encouraged to take longer and unsafe trips. Driver fatigue, training lapses and improper loading of cargo areas can all cause significant damage and even death. That’s why you need a strong attorney on your side to get the results you need.

Our Free Consultation and No-Fee Promise

After an accident, we know it’s a confusing time. You, or someone you love, has been hit by a truck. There are injuries. There’s damage to your vehicle. You don’t know when you can return to work — or if you’ll even be able too. And for far too many families, they’re also planning funeral services after a trucking accident. Fighting with insurance companies, filling out forms and talking about money are stressful and even distasteful during this time of grief.

But when you call us for a no-obligation consultation, you’ll have the freedom to breathe, ask questions and express what’s happening to you. Our intake specialists will listen to your story, ask a few questions of their own, and help understand your case. We’ll outline your options, and it’s up to you whether you want to hire us — and all of this costs nothing.

When you hire us, you also won’t be responsible for our fees. We call this our No-Fee Promise. Under this, we’ll fund the entire costs of your investigation and case — experts, reconstruction, animation, and more will all be funded by our team. We won’t recoup any money until or unless we win on your behalf through a verdict or settlement. You can focus on your family and healing, while we’re fighting the insurance company.

Get in touch with us today by calling (303) 800-8888, and schedule a no-obligation consultation with a member of our team. Learn what your rights are, and how you can move forward.

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