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Denver Truck Driver Fatigue Lawyers

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Denver Truck Driver Fatigue Lawyers

Long road trips and driving at night are fatiguing and dangerous for anyone on the road. But commercial drivers have an obligation to keep the public safe when they’re hauling a load across Colorado. If a driver falls asleep at the wheel and causes a truck accident, the results can be catastrophic.

The Lamber Goodnow injury law team, together with our partner firms throughout Colorado are committed to helping the victims and families of sleeping driver accidents. While trucking insurance companies are strong and have the power of the trucking industry behind them, we have a successful track record of winning these cases and securing either verdicts or settlements in our clients’ favor, giving them the time and money to heal and recover from a truck accident.

Why Driver Fatigue Matters

When a trucking company puts a licensed driver on the road, it’s obligated to follow several national requirements. Just like you have to be a licensed driver when you take your car onto the highway, a professional truck driver needs to be licensed to operate certain kinds of vehicles and meet weight and load-volume thresholds. Drivers also must experience set breaks to ensure they’re not fatigued while operating the truck.

Driver fatigue accidents are completely preventable. A sleeping driver is an accident waiting to happen — the only question is who the victim will be. Too many families have grieved their loved ones who died because someone fell asleep at the wheel. Whether the driver was pressured to continue driving past a safe timeframe or he/she chose to continue operating the truck is a fact we’ll uncover during our investigation.

We’ll also look at these elements in our investigation:

  • Driver’s history
  • Any prescription-drug use
  • Driver logbooks
  • Any evidence of manipulation of the logbooks
  • History of the trucking company
  • Training practices for the trucking company
  • Recruiting and hiring procedures for the trucking company
  • Road conditions
  • Witness statements

Working with Lamber Goodnow

We operate under a No-Fee Promise with our clients. Through this agreement, you won’t have to pay us any fees — nothing at all — while we fight for you. We’ll cover all the costs of your case and the investigation that results. And we’ll only get paid when we recover money for you, whether that’s through a verdict in your favor or a settlement.

Let’s Talk

To find out about your options and what your rights are, schedule a no-obligation consultation today with one of our intake specialists. We’ll go over your case, ask about what happened in the accident, and cover other issues. We’ll also listen to you and answer your questions.  Call us today at (303) 800-8888 to find out what your next steps should be.

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