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What’s My Case Worth?

The value of an injury case turns on many factors, including: (i) who is at fault for the accident; (ii) your total medical bills; (iii) whether you will need future medical care; (iv) whether you’ve missed work; (v) your pain and suffering; (vi) available insurance; (vii) the lawyer you hire; and many more. Healthcare providers now often file liens against accident victims to collect additional money, which if not properly handled can diminish or exhaust any potential settlement.

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Specific Types Of Cases

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I ever pay out of pocket? No, you never pay us anything out of pocket. We only get paid if we recover money for you.

Do I need a lawyer? Consider the facts: Without a lawyer, you have less leverage against an insurance company. If you make one misstep in the complicated legal system, it may mean you recover nothing. Finally, because health insurance companies and health care providers now often file liens against accident victims to receive additional money, there is risk that even a fair settlement can be wiped away. The right lawyer can help with all of these issues, which can result in more money to you.

How long will my case take? It depends. Legal teams like ours that frontload matters can often have a case settled in as short as a month or two of your medical treatment concluding.

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