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One medication that is commonly prescribed to treat high blood pressure is Benicar. While Benicar has become a popular drug, it doesn’t always have the desired results. You could experience one or several side effects, some of which can be quite serious and that could make your health concerns far more than treating high blood pressure.

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What is Benicar?

Benicar is a drug that keeps your blood vessels open wide, letting blood flow throughout your body and circulate, and helping to reduce your concerns of high blood pressure. In addition to treating high blood pressure, some doctors also have prescribed Benicar to treat other conditions.

Side Effects of Benicar

Benicar can result in side effects that are minor annoyances, as well as ones that are dangerous and should be addressed immediately. Side effects can gradually lessen or disappear over time as your body adjusts to the drug. To view a thorough list of Benicar side effects, see this website.

The minor side effects of Benicar include:

  • An increase in your hunger, thirst, or urination frequency
  • A loss of appetite or weight loss that is unusual given your circumstances
  • Pain in the facial region or lower back area
  • An unusually dry mouth or flushed, dry skin
  • Muscle pain
  • Difficulty sleeping or swallowing
  • Tenderness or pain in the neck glands

Other side effects, less frequently seen, involve problems with the stomach or tingling in the extremities. Some people may also develop dizziness and others may break out in rashes.

The major side effects of Benicar can be indicative of serious internal problems. If you are experiencing any side effect that you feel is serious, contact your doctor immediately.

Some of the major side effects include:

  • Pain or aching in the body
  • Chills, fever, and a runny nose (or a stuffy nose)
  • Headaches, sneezing, a sore throat and other symptoms common to an upper respiratory infection
  • Bloody urine
  • Congestion or infection in the ears
  • Difficulty breathing

Benicar and Other Health Conditions

You should be aware that there are some conditions that may preclude you from taking Benicar. They include:

  • Having diabetes or other kidney issues
  • Experience with liver disease, chronic dehydration or congestive heart failure
  • Pregnancy
  • Recently giving birth

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If you have taken Benicar and suffered from side effects as a result, you may be able to collect for your expenses incurred in treating the side effects. Further, if you have missed work due to the side effects, it’s possible you could be entitled to unpaid wages. You might even be able to collect for your pain and suffering, depending on the circumstances of your case.

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