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For years, people have used talcum powder to help keep themselves dry in areas that may otherwise experience excessive sweating, and for cosmetic purposes. Touted as a safe and mild way to absorb moisture, makers of talcum powder enjoyed soaring sales and large profit margins. Unfortunately, talcum powder (also called “baby powder”) has been linked to certain kinds of cancer, and now consumers are suffering for using these products.

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The Valley’s Lamber Goodnow team has built our reputation on protecting consumers in the Phoenix area. People just like you have been harmed through the negligence of another party, and have turned to us for representation. In talcum powder cases, consumers have potentially suffered because the manufacturers, marketers and distributors of talcum powder negligently created a product that has been linked to cancer, and failed to alert consumers to the danger. If you would like to speak with a Phoenix talcum powder lawyer, call us for a free consultation to see if we or one of our co-counsel firms can help.

What is Talcum Powder?

Talcum powder is the term for a compound containing a variety of elements. The active ingredient in talcum powder is magnesium silicate, which prevents the caking of powder and is used as an absorbent agent.

Magnesium silicate—also called “talc”—frequently contains asbestos, a known cancer-causing agent. While manufacturers of talcum powder claim to use talc that is free from asbestos today, there have been studies showing a link between the use of talcum powder and certain kinds of cancer—even when the talcum powder contains asbestos-free talc.

Types of Cancer Linked to Talcum Powder

While the specific mechanism for triggering the cancerous tumor development has not been identified and every case is different, people who have suffered harm as a result of using talcum powder have successfully brought lawsuits against manufacturers.

A number of cancers of the female reproductive system have been associated with talcum powder use. Women who used talcum powder in the pelvic region have sometimes developed various cancers such as uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and others.

This is particularly puzzling in the case of women who were using asbestos-free talcum powder. One leading theory hypothesizes that the particles of talc may interact with various parts of the reproductive system and trigger an inflammatory response from the woman’s body. This response could then eventually develop into cancer.

Whatever the science, the numbers suggest that there is a link between certain kinds of cancer and long-term use of talcum powder. It is based upon this link and other evidence that juries have awarded significant rewards to consumers who developed cancer because of using talcum powder.

Additionally, talcum is linked to lung cancer—meaning both men and women alike run a risk of developing it. However, this type of cancer appears mostly in the lungs of talc miners. Remember, talc in its natural form frequently contains asbestos, so this is maybe the source of the lung cancers.

Should You Keep Using Use Talcum Powder?

If you have been a frequent user of talcum powder, research on websites such as www.cancer.org might be particularly helpful and informative. In addition, talk to your doctor about the products you use, and be sure to have routine gynecologic checkups.

Your doctor may be able to suggest alternative products such as those using corn starch instead of talc. The important part is to educate yourself.

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If you have developed cancer after using talcum powder, you are not without options. Depending on your situation, you may be able to collect for your medical expenses. In some cases, you might also be able to obtain compensation for things such as lost wages or even your pain and suffering.

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