Auto accident deaths down in Arizona

In all of our posts regarding car accidents, we hope that our readers take our tips and stories to heart so that they may be better prepared to avoid accidents. But more than just helping people stay out of accidents, we hope that our information saves lives. After all, we hope no one has to endure the tragedy of losing a loved one in a car or motorcycle accident.
In a report provided by, the Arizona Department of Transportation reported that there were fewer auto accident deaths in 2014 compared to 2013. There was nearly a 9 percent drop in such fatalities, with 774 people losing their lives last year, compared to 849 deaths in 2013.
Indeed, the drop in vehicular deaths would suggest that there were fewer accidents in Arizona as a whole. However, the number of crashes actually increased. According to law enforcement records, there were nearly 110,000 accidents in Arizona last year.
Nevertheless, the drop in vehicular fatalities could be attributable to a number of things, including refraining from alcohol and illegal drugs while driving, obeying speed limits and not driving aggressively, as well as using seatbelts every time a driver (and passengers) gets into the car.
While these numbers signal a positive trend, there are still a number of people who are involved in auto accidents each year. If you have questions about your rights and options after a crash, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you decide what to do and what actions to take.