Drowsy Driving Prevention Week

The National Sleep Foundation is hoping to make roads safer this week as it declares Nov. 12-18 Drowsy Driving Prevention Week.
One in six deadly vehicle crashes involves a drowsy driver, according to AAA Foundation. This could include drowsy drivers who caused accidents, as well as drivers whose fatigue made them slower to avoid accidents. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleepiness can impair drivers by slowing reaction times, impairing vision, and delaying information processing. Being awake for more than 20 hours is equal to a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent, the legal limit in all states.
The foundation also says it is also possible to fall into a 3-4 second micro-sleep without realizing it. Fine while on your couch at home, but not on the road. Stay alert, take breaks while driving long distances, and avoid driving at times when you would normally be asleep to keep yourself safe.