Governor Signs School Bus Safety Legislation Advanced by Lamber, Goodnow, and Hunter

Hoping to help save the lives of innocent children, Marc Lamber, James Goodnow, Yvonne R. Hunter and Representative Karen Fann teamed up to draft new legislation that protects children exiting school buses. The law is an outgrowth of a case Lamber and Goodnow handled in which a young girl, Elizabeth Bates, lost her life after the school bus from which she was departing failed to deploy its stop sign or turn on its flashing lights. Elizabeth was subsequently run over by a passing vehicle. In tandem with the legislative experts at the firm, Lamber and Goodnow worked with Ms. Fann to get the new bill passed. Lamber, Goodnow, Hunter and the FC team handled the legislative work pro bono. The law — informally referred to as “Elizabeth’s law” — was signed by Governor Jan Brewer last week. The law closes the loophole that allowed bus drivers to arguably not use bus safety equipment in certain circumstances. Lamber, Goodnow, Hunter and the rest of the FC team are proud that they were able to help make a positive difference and, hopefully, prevent another tragedy like this from happening again.
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