Increase In Car-Bus Crashes Should Raise Concerns

Are drivers just ignoring school buses these days? While it appears unlikely that a driver could ignore a large, orange vehicle, especially when it is stopped in the middle of the road; it appears that more drivers in Arizona and across the United States are not following laws designed to protect children when they are boarding and deboarding buses.
The pictures that made headlines last week came from a bus stop in Washington state, where an onboard camera showed three students  that were ready to board a bus when, out of nowhere, a car sped by them. The bus likely had its stop signal on, which requires drivers to stop a safe distance behind the bus, and not pass it, until the signal is turned off.
While none of the students were injured, it was indicative of a growing trend among school buses. According to a recent ABC report, school bus drivers reported as many as 76,000 violations on a given day, which could translate into millions of infractions over the course of a year. Given this many incidents, the likelihood of students being injured (along with car drivers) is concerning.
In fact, a recent accident involving a bus in Mesa where a car crashed into it is further evidence of the lack of reasonable care that can lead to an accident. Indeed, the crash is under investigation and is being termed as “minor” given the circumstances, but it shows that there is a distinct danger that must be addressed.