Why an accident investigation may be essential

In our last post, we highlighted the substantial danger that can occur when a driver chooses to use their cell phone (either to talk to others or to send text messages) while behind the wheel. A driver puts him or herself at great risk by doing so if they are cruising down the highway at 65 miles per hour, or if they are driving in downtown Phoenix.
Even with these warnings and tips for safe driving, accidents still happen, and people can still be injured through them. But being injured is only one part of the equation. Someone must be held liable for the accident. The liable party for the crash is not always obvious.
A prime example is an accident that occurred on I-17 last week. According to an azcentral.com report, three cars were involved in the crash that occurred in the southbound lanes of the highway. A man in his 20’s, a 20-year-old woman and her one-month old baby were taken to the hospital.
The Arizona Department of Public safety indicated that no details were available about the cause of the accident. This means that an investigation will be conducted to determine how the accident occurred and who (if anyone) should be held liable. At this point, it is uncertain which driver was at fault or if road conditions played any part in the crash.
As such, if you have been in an accident, an investigation can help in providing definitive proof of who should be held liable in a crash.