Sample Arizona Certificate of Compulsory Arbitration

In Arizona, when a lawsuit if filed in your personal injury action, you will also need to prepare and file a Certificate of Compulsory Arbitration. Each of the fifteen counties in Arizona have their own threshold of the amount in controversy that is required not to qualify for compulsory arbitration.

What is Non-Compulsory Arbitration?

In Maricopa County, any case that exceeds $50,000 is not subject to compulsory arbitration. If the case is valued $50,0000 or below, then it can be subject to compulsory arbitration, which is ultimately arbitrated by an arbitrator who is selected by the Judge. However, if either side appeals the arbitration award, then the case will be handled at the trial court level.

In either of these situations, a Certificate of Compulsory Arbitration must be filed with your Personal Injury Complaint. A sample is provided below:

<a href=”Sample Certificate of Compulsory Arbitration”>[insert internal LamberGoodnow link to Sample Certificate of Compulsory Arbitration]</a>

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