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Tucson Bicycle Accident Lawyers

If a cyclist sustains an injury in Tuscon, Arizona, our experienced attorneys may evaluate the quality of the bicycle’s components, known defects that could have precipitated the injury, the customer’s medical costs, physical therapy that the cyclist may require and the locations of crosswalks. When a vehicle collides with a person who is riding a bicycle, we can determine the speed of the automobile, the angle of the vehicle and mechanical problems that might have directly caused the accident. Moreover, our law team is sometimes able to present reports that witnesses have created, and these records may indicate the weather conditions, the actions of the motorist and the number of vehicles that precipitated the accident.

Expenses That Are Associated With Medical Care

Once a clinic evaluates the injured cyclist, experienced attorneys can develop a report that specifies the costs that are associated with medical tests, appointments, any surgeries that are related to the injuries and medications. Sometimes, a doctor may also provide notes that describe the necessity of each type of therapy and specify the injuries that the medical services will treat.

Even if a settlement or a reward covers the costs of a person’s acute injuries, the client should request examinations that can predict expenses that are related to chronic injuries, consistent pain and injuries that affect mobility. Ideally, an injured cyclist should not rapidly accept a settlement until the individual knows the costs and the severity of the long-term injuries.

Factors That May Contribute to an Accident

Our law team regularly handles cases that involve rapid stops, swift lane changes, tailgating, speeding, motorists who do not heed road signs and incorrectly manufactured components. We can also help clients who were injured by a road that is unsafe, and our specialists are able to provide reports that examine hazards on the road.

Evaluating Emotional Distress

Our attorneys can quantify the value of emotional distress that has influenced an injured cyclist. The emotional effects may be exacerbated by physical therapy, injuries that impact an individual’s activities, a damaged bicycle, medical tests and damaged property. If a driver has injured multiple cyclists, the emotional pain can also be precipitated by the injuries that affected the client’s friends and family members.

Factors That Can Influence a Case

Lawyers are able to analyze traffic violations that have occurred during the last three years, and consequently, the attorneys may determine that the motorist regularly drives recklessly, makes abrupt lane changes or exceeds the speed limit. Sometimes, witnesses can describe previous traffic violations that involve the motorist, and these records might increase the likelihood of a settlement.

Analyzing The Accident

While our attorneys create reports, we may examine the speed of the automobile, the angles of the vehicle’s wheels, the position of the bicycle and the road’s grade. Periodically, specialists can also determine when the motorist applied the brakes. Additionally, experts may evaluate crosswalks, sidewalks and curbs.

If a vehicle has mechanical problems, our lawyers could obtain records that list faulty components, repairs that mechanics have already performed and uncompleted maintenance that could have affected the automobile’s overall performance. Consequently, the attorneys may indicate that the driver was negligent before the collision. By evaluating a motorist’s negligence, the lawyers can substantially augment the likelihood of a settlement.

Requesting Statements From Witnesses

If several witnesses see a collision that occurs in Tuscon, Arizona, our experienced attorneys could prompt the individuals to create detailed reports that describe the movements of the bicycle, the motorist’s actions, traffic lights, crosswalks and signs that are situated next to roads. When a driver does not provide a settlement, the witnesses may testify during a trial.

Examining Similar Cases

Our lawyers have handled thousands of cases that are related to automotive accidents, personal injuries, dog bites, bicycles and products that harmed customers. By examining the precedents that similar cases have created, we can estimate the potential compensation that a client may receive, factors that could increase the value of a settlement and reports that the judge may request.

Regulations That Affect Cases

In Arizona, an injured individual may file a claim within two years of an accident. The duration of the negotiations will not affect the value of the settlement or the outcome of the case. When an injured cyclist is under the age of 18, the person may start a case within two years of the individual’s 18th birthday.

Insurance Policies

If a person drives a vehicle in Arizona, the motorist must have an insurance plan that can provide $30,000 if the driver injures numerous individuals. The policy has to offer as much as $15,000 for each injured person. Furthermore, the insurance plan may give $10,000 to a cyclist if property has been damaged.

When a driver’s insurance plan does not cover the total costs of an individual’s injuries, the motorist may have to provide the remainder of the settlement. If the driver’s insurance company offers the maximum compensation for the cyclist, our lawyers may still attempt to create a separate settlement that involves the motorist.

In Arizona, an operator’s insurance plan has to cover the costs of accidents that involve uninsured drivers. If an uninsured motorist’s vehicle collides with a cyclist, the client can commonly request and receive compensation from the cyclist’s insurance company.

Creating Insurance Claims

Our lawyers are able to answer any questions that insurance specialists may ask, and we can indicate the number of witnesses who observed the accident, the types of reports that the client has created and the severity of certain injuries. If the client or a witness took photographs that show the scene, we can present the pictures to the insurance company. The attorneys will also create a list of products that have been damaged, and the lawyers can indicate the market value of each item or every product’s original price.

Requests From a Driver’s Insurance Company

If an automobile injures a person who is riding a bicycle, the motorist’s insurance company will likely contact the individual and request statements that describe the event, information that is related to the person’s injuries and reports that indicate the number of witnesses. Before the injured rider receives a settlement, the person should not talk to the representatives of the driver’s insurance company. The insurance specialists may request statements that contradict original reports that the cyclist provided. The insurance company could also attempt to disprove statements that witnesses have already made.

Choosing Physical Therapy

If a collision has affected an injured person’s movements or strength, the client should choose physical therapy that augments the range of motion, reduces chronic soreness, stimulates the production of numerous hormones, reduces inflammation and decreases the effects of serious injuries. Generally, a settlement will cover the costs of physical therapy; however, the lawyers must specify the frequency of the sessions, the cost of each appointment, the length of a session and the duration of the entire program.

Handling Cases

After presenting our cases, our experienced lawyers have obtained compensation for more than 99 percent of our clients. By studying the evidence and statements from witnesses, we can determine the likelihood of compensation and estimate the value of a potential settlement.

If a cyclist has been involved in an accident, our attorneys will only require fees if the customer obtains compensation. The total costs of the services will depend on the overall reward that the client receives.

Requesting a Consultation

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