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At Lamber Goodnow, our experienced Mesa personal injury lawyer team has represented numerous negligence victims both in Mesa and throughout Arizona. Through a combination of our legal skills, hard work, and thorough preparation on every case, we have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients who have sustained serious personal injuries or have lost loved ones because of the negligence of other people or entities.

Our firm is a division of Fennemore Craig, P.C., which is the oldest law firm in Arizona and was first founded in 1885.[1] Lamber Goodnow is comprised of a team of experienced Mesa personal injury attorneys, paralegals, and staff members who share a passion for securing justice for our clients. We believe that people who have been the victims of the carelessness, negligence, recklessness, or wrongful actions of others deserve full compensation for their economic and non-economic losses.

Our Mesa personal injury attorneys represent accident victims in a broad variety of personal injury matters, including car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, dog attacks, bus accidents, wrongful death, and many other matters. We are experienced attorneys who know how to fight for our clients’ rights and recover full compensation for their losses.

With 125 years of experience behind us, the attorneys at Fennemore Craig have created a highly successful record on behalf of our clients. Our Mesa personal injury lawyer team has an in-depth knowledge of the statutes, regulations, and common law decisions that impact our clients’ cases. We also embrace technology and use it to our clients’ advantage to present compelling cases on their behalf.

Fighting for Personal Injury Victims in Mesa and Beyond

Regardless of whether your accident occurred in Mesa or elsewhere in Arizona, a Mesa personal injury lawyer at Lamber Goodnow might represent you in your injury accident claim. Our lawyers represent negligence victims both in Mesa and all other cities and counties in Arizona. An injury attorney in Mesa from Lamber Goodnow can help you understand the legal merits of your claim and strive to recover the compensation you deserve.

Mesa Personal Injury Legal Team National Recognition

The personal injury lawyer Mesa team at Lamber Goodnow has earned national recognition for our successes and innovation. Numerous media outlets and publications have covered the work of our attorneys, including ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, USA Today, and more. Many of the attorneys who work for our law firm graduated from the nation’s top law schools, including NYU and Harvard. Lamber Goodnow was rated as being among the best law firms by Best Lawyers®.

Under the leadership of Marc Lamber, our attorneys leverage technology to present our clients’ stories in compelling ways. This helps opposing counsel to understand how strong our clients’ liability claims are and leads many of them to agree to settle instead of risking trial against us. We were recognized by Apple on its website for our use of technology in our legal practice. Attorneys Lamber and Goodnow were named by Apple as being among the most technologically savvy attorneys in the nation in its profile.

Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer

Over your lifetime, you can expect to have four motor vehicle accidents on average. This equates to roughly one accident every 18 years.[2] If someone collides with your car because of negligent driving behaviors, you should reach out to a Mesa injury lawyer at Lamber Goodnow. Our attorneys know how to build strong cases of liability for our clients to recover maximal compensation for their losses. When you retain a good injury lawyer in Mesa, you are much likelier to recover full compensation for your injuries and losses. We approach every case with determination and work hard to offer our clients the best possible representation in their cases.

After getting medical care for your accident-related injuries, the next thing you should do is consult with a Mesa injury lawyer at Lamber Goodnow. You should not agree to provide a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster, sign a medical authorization, or accept an early settlement offer without first talking with us. We can help you to avoid making mistakes that could harm your claim. If you try to handle your claim without strong legal help, you might recover substantially less than what you are entitled to receive or potentially risk recovering nothing at all.

The Mesa personal injury attorneys at Lamber Goodnow are proactive and start working immediately as soon as they are retained. We thoroughly investigate each case we receive and work closely with investigators and experts to gather evidence and present strong cases to insurance companies and defense lawyers. Because of our hard work on the front end, we are frequently able to negotiate fair settlements for our clients. Insurance companies know that we are prepared to aggressively litigate our clients’ cases in court through jury trials and that we have a winning record. Our reputation combined with how we build cases helps us to secure very favorable settlements for our clients. When an insurance company will not fairly settle a case, we are prepared to fight for our client through trial and verdict.

Understanding Negligence in Personal Injury Lawsuits

The most common causes of action in personal injury matters are negligence claims. To prove that the defendant in your case was negligent and caused your injuries, you will have the burden of proving by a preponderance of the evidence each of the following negligence elements:

  • The defendant owed you a legal duty to act with the same degree of care as a reasonably prudent person would in the same situation.
  • The defendant’s actions or inactions violated the duty he or she owed.
  • The defendant’s breach of the duty of care caused your accident and injuries.
  • You suffered actual damages as a result of the defendant’s breach.

The burden of proof extends to each element. This means that if you fail to prove one of the four elements, you will not be able to recover compensation for your losses. Our attorneys know how to present evidence to prove every element of negligence in a compelling way to maximize our clients’ ability to recover damages.

Understanding the Duty of Care

Everyone is expected to act with the same degree of care as a reasonably prudent person in the same situation would act. Both individuals and businesses owe a duty of care to other people and customers. People in certain professions or industries also owe a heightened duty of care.

What Is a Breach of the Duty of Care?

A defendant breaches the duty of care when his or her actions are less than what would be expected of a reasonable person. For example, if a person wrecked into your vehicle while traveling 30 miles per hour above the speed limit, this would constitute a breach of the duty to obey the speed limits and drive cautiously.

Understanding Causation

To prevail in a personal injury claim, you will have to present evidence showing that the defendant’s breach caused your accident and resulting injuries. Many defendants look for other things on which to blame the accidents to try to avoid being found liable. The attorneys at Lamber Goodnow understand how to investigate causation and gather evidence to show the link between the defendant’s actions and the resulting accident, injuries, and harm.


Finally, you must be able to show that you suffered damages to recover compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Damages include both economic and non-economic losses, including your medical expenses, income losses, property losses, physical pain and suffering, psychological trauma, disfigurement, disability, and more. When you meet with your lawyer, he or she will carefully review the facts and evidence to determine the types of damages that might be available in your case.

The Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims

Like other states, Arizona has established a statute of limitations under A.R.S. § 12-542.[3] This statute sets a deadline for filing personal injury and wrongful death claims. Following your accident or the loss of your loved one, you will have two years to file your lawsuit. If you do not file a lawsuit on time, your claim will likely be time-barred and dismissed.

While the statute of limitations gives you two years to file a claim, the best approach is to contact a Mesa injury lawyer at Lamber Goodnow as soon after your injury accident as possible. This will give your attorney more time to thoroughly investigate your case and gather critical evidence that could otherwise be lost.

Types of Personal Injury Cases Handled by our Law Firm

Auto Accidents

Each year in Arizona, more than 100,000 motor vehicle accidents happen. These accidents injure tens of thousands of people and kill hundreds more. If you have sustained serious injuries or have lost your loved one in an accident caused by someone else, you should schedule a consultation with Lamber Goodnow to learn about your rights and legal options.

Drowning Accidents

The Arizona heat leads many homeowners and businesses to invest in swimming pools. The prevalence of private and public pools in the state results in numerous drowning deaths and injuries each year. According to data reported by Patch, Arizona had the seventh-highest number of drownings out of the 50 states in 2017 alone.[4]

Property owners must comply with rules and regulations governing their pools and take steps to protect others who visit their properties from drowning accidents or other pool-related accidents. If your loved one was seriously injured or drowned while visiting a pool on someone else’s property, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries can alter the course of your life. These types of severe injuries can be caused by truck accidents, car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, motorcycle collisions, dog bites, defective products, and many others. If you have sustained catastrophic injuries due to the actions of someone else, you might be left with permanent disabilities requiring expensive, lifetime care. An experienced injury lawyer in Mesa at our law firm might fight to recover full compensation to pay for all of your past and future losses related to your debilitating injuries.

Dog Bites

Arizona dog owners are strictly liable to dog bite victims when their dogs bite people in public or in private when the victims were legally present on the private property.[5] If you have been bitten by someone else’s dog, talk to the attorneys at Lamber Goodnow for help with your claim.

Bus Accidents

Bus accidents can be catastrophic and cause injuries to multiple passengers, other motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, and others. If a bus driver’s negligence caused your accident and injuries, the driver, the bus company, and other parties might be liable to pay damages to you. The attorneys at Lamber Goodnow can analyze the evidence to make a liability determination so you can identify all of the defendants that should be named in your lawsuit.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one because of the negligence or wrongful acts of another individual or entity is devastating. Arizona’s wrongful death statute is found at A.R.S. § 12-612.[6] Under this statute, specific family members having certain relationships with the deceased victims are allowed to file wrongful death lawsuits against the responsible parties. Our compassionate lawyers are dedicated to helping people who have lost close family members because of negligence to recover compensation for all of their losses.

Motorcycle Accidents

Many people enjoy the sense of freedom they receive from riding motorcycles. Unfortunately, however, motorcyclists have a much greater risk of sustaining catastrophic injuries or dying when they are involved in collisions. The injury attorneys at Lamber Goodnow in Mesa are prepared to aggressively fight for our clients and hold the defendants in wrongful death cases accountable.

Contact the Lamber Goodnow Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer Team

If you have suffered personal injuries or have lost a close family member in an incident caused by someone else, you may be entitled to pursue damages through a personal injury claim. Schedule a consultation with a Mesa personal injury lawyer at Lamber Goodnow today.

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[3] A.R.S. § 12-542.
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