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Phoenix Swimming Pool Accident and Drowning Lawyers

Drowning and near-drowning are among the most painful tragedies a family can endure. In just a matter of seconds, water can turn from a play area into a danger zone. These accidents can shatter a life as well as an entire family’s future, finances and stability.

Drowning Accidents are Too Common in Arizona

Each year, there are eight water-related incidents for every 100,000 children in Maricopa County. But swimming pool accidents aren’t the only threat for drowning or secondary drowning.  Something as simple as a bathtub, bucket or toilet can pose a serious risk.

While it’s common to think of drowning as a problem for children, it’s also a serious issue for someone who knows how to swim. Every year in Maricopa County, twice as many adults die from drowning than children. Across the Valley, from Phoenix to Glendale, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler and Peoria, residents of all ages fall victim to the danger of unsupervised water activities. A drowning or near drowning happens 160 times a year, on average, in the Valley.

Legal Obligations of Property Owners with Swimming Pools

Property owners are obligated to provide a safe environment to their tenants – and that obligation extends to swimming pools. Families should know that landlords and property owners could be held liable in the event of a drowning or near drowning.

Of course, there are countless ways that landlords can inexpensively protect their residents and avoid a drowning tragedy. Self-closing gates, routine maintenance to ensure gates function well, proper locks and barriers for exterior doors and gates, and other basic methods could prevent an injury or even a death.

While landlords could claim they are not responsible for providing or maintaining pool safety before or after leasing a property, the law often says otherwise. Landlords have a duty to provide a safe living environment for children who live in their properties.  There are specific laws related to swimming pool safety.

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The Lamber Goodnow Team is well aware of many of the arguments that landlords will try to make after a drowning – and those arguments will fail. Our team has successfully handled drowning and near drowning cases.

Why It’s Essential to Seek Representation Quickly in Drowning Cases

While medical care is the most immediate need after a drowning or even a near drowning, legal advice is also critical. Evidence can be lost quickly in situations like drownings, and families need the advice and support only a drowning expert can provide. Too often, families are forced to choose between caring for their loved one and handling the legal and insurance ramifications of a drowning.

The Lamber Goodnow Injury Law team is dedicated to providing drowning and near-drowning victims and their families with the support, counsel and representation they need. Our attorneys have a proven track record in seeking and securing the maximum compensation to ease the burden of healthcare costs, life care, rehabilitation and more.

Our comprehensive services address all issues that could be related to a drowning – from liability to healthcare costs, damages and lifetime care. Our team partners with experts on swimming pool accidents and brain injuries, as well as renowned scholars and doctors across the country to provide the most comprehensive representation available.

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