Sample Arizona Civil Cover Sheet – Filing of Complaint

In Arizona, when a lawsuit is filed in your personal injury action, you will need to prepare and file a Certificate of Compulsory Arbitration. Each of the fifteen counties in Arizona have their own threshold of the amount in controversy that is required not to qualify for compulsory arbitration.

In Maricopa County, any case that exceeds $50,000 is not subject to compulsory arbitration. If the case is valued $50,000 or below, then it can be subject to compulsory arbitration, which is ultimately assigned to an arbitrator selected by the Judge. Although the arbitrator’s award can be appealed by either side. If the award is appealed, the case would be tried in Court.

Whether your case is or is not subject to compulsory arbitration, a Certificate of Compulsory Arbitration must be filed with your Personal Injury Complaint. A sample of this filing is provided below.

This sample Civil Cover Sheet can be obtained from the Maricopa County Superior Court website. Since this form is updated regularly, you should check to make sure you have the most current form before using it to file your Arizona Personal Injury Complaint.

Sample Civil Cover Sheet – Arizona Superior Court

[pdf-embedder url=”https://lambergoodnow.com/personal-injury-counsel-center/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2019/04/CIVIL-COVER-SHEET-NEW-FILING-ONLY-CV10f.pdf” title=”CIVIL COVER SHEET- NEW FILING ONLY-CV10f”]