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Beth Waltz

Karrington Valenzuela answered my call for legal advice when I was upset about my vehicle being rear-ended. He was extremely polite and helpful, in addition to being concerned for my wellbeing. He answered all of my remedial questions and helped me immensely.

Tremaine Brown

Madeleine Was very helpful and give me a good feeling that I made the right choice

Michele Schoof

Karla was so helpful. I sent initial contact and she called right back. She listened and asked questions to clarify details that I hadn’t thought to offer. She was an excellent first contact. Afterwards she put me in contact with Donn and he was so kind and informative. I believe I’m right where I belong for representation.

Vince Tornabene

They were very helpful over the phone and provided simple guidance on my case even though I’m from out of state. Thanks guys!

Mary Stewart

We just began the process to seek justice for my 26 yr old daughter who died from an opioid overdose of the drugs she was prescribed. Karrington did my intake and he was very patient and caring throughout the process. I also spoke with attorney, Lauren, and she too was very compassionate. Thank you for keeping the hope alive that my daughter did not die in vain.

Lynn Reid

Our beloved son was killed on his motorcycle by a negligent truck driver. Our family was devastated and uncertain what to do next. We were fortunate, through a web search, to find Marc Lamber & James Goodnow and their team.
The instant we hired Marc and James they began the process to acquire and safeguard all electronic and physical evidence, witness statements and any and all reports. We wanted to know every single detail about our son’s untimely death and we wanted to know who was responsible. They knew what to do to get our answers and walked us through each and every step.
Andrew Clawson was our case manager for Marc and James. Andy, like everyone on our Team, was well organized and very responsive to all of our questions or needs. There was no stone left unturned. They made this awful ordeal almost bearable and treated us with compassion and the utmost care and concern.
Thank you Marc, James, Andy, Jenny, Ann, all of your Team, also all of the experts that worked tirelessly for our family. God bless you all.
Lee & Lynn Reid

Kevin McLemore (Dr Kevin McLemore PhD)

Absolutely LOVE this law firm. Can’t imagine had I not found you. Have linked your site to three social media sites with the very best reviews of all (Bryan, Marilyn, Karin), exposing your services to not less than 12,000 persons.

Kathy Brewington

From the moment you meet them, Marc Lamber and James Goodnow immediately make you feel like you’re in the best hands possible. They are dedicated to putting their clients and colleagues first. I’m impressed with their level of skill and commitment they bring to the job.

David Weissman

I was involved in a car accident in November and recently reached out to Lamber Goodnow for legal assistance. My experience thus far has been exceptional. I completed my intake with Stephanie, who was patient and very thorough with her explanations. She guided me through signing of all needed documents and put me in touch with my lawyer.

The Lamber Goodnow team has done a great job letting me know what to expect, and I’m very impressed with their follow up. Now I can focus on healing my car accident related injuries while knowing my legal team is taking care of everything else.

Betsy Martinez

I have worked with the Lamber Goodnow law team for two years, since I first met them after being involved in a serious car accident. I was very impressed with them from the start. They immediately began handling my medical arrangements and dealt directly with the insurance company, which left me to recover from my injuries with no stress or worry. Every member of the team went above and beyond in working on my case. They were open, honest and communicative, and took care of every last detail. It’s difficult enough going through an accident. The Lamber Goodnow team made tough situation so much easier for me.

Personal injury client (originally posted on Avvo.com)
After being involved in an accident and already having heard great things about James’ team, I knew who to reach out to for help with my accident. Not only did he do a great job of keeping me educated about my options, the paralegal assisting me was a huge help. I always felt comfortable asking questions during the medical process and in the end, I was very pleased with how things worked out. – Personal injury client

Henry (originally posted on Facebook.com/lambergoodnow)
James Goodnow did a great job. They hired investigators to look into what happened. I liked that I didn’t have to go anywhere, instead they sent messengers if documents needed to be signed. They returned phone calls promptly, and kept me informed as the case progressed. I didn’t have to do anything, except wait until the end of the case.

Amber (originally posted on Facebook.com/lambergoodnow)
A friend of mine referred me to Marc and James. These guys are the best. They have gone above and beyond to get the answers I so desperately needed. They always provided me with caring advice in a timely manner. I am eternally grateful to them and their legal team.

Charlie (originally posted on Avvo.com)
… From the time I contacted them they were in constant communication with every step they made. They were very understanding of my concerns and put my worries to ease. The settlement that I received was more than fair and done in a timely manner. Over all, my experience … was amazing from the first call to the last call.

Jon (originally posted on Avvo.com)
I met Marc & James through a dear friend after I was involved in an auto collision that occurred in a private parking lot. Even though mine wasn’t a lucrative or overly complex case, I was very impressed by the attention they gave my case. They assisted me in gaining valuable information from photos taken at the scene, and communicated their findings to the other parties insurance company. I was in a tough situation, but couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. I always felt that my situation was important to them, and I’d recommend them to anyone needing representation during one of life’s difficult events.

Personal injury client (originally posted on Avvo.com)
After being rear-ended at a stoplight and trying to deal with the insurance companies myself, I quickly figured out that it would be in my best interest to get an attorney. I had heard great things about Marc Lamber and after a brief consultation with him, was confident he could help me. Marc and his paralegal kept me informed in a proactive way so that I was never left wondering what to do next. In the end, I was extremely happy with how things worked out.

Mary (originally posted on Facebook.com/lambergoodnow)
A family member referred me to Marc who was extremely helpful. He not only helped me but also help another party involved get help as well. Their communication with me was unbelievable I was shocked. I understood everything they were telling me it didn’t seem like they were speaking another language that you get with most lawyers.I was able to call anytime and get help with not just Mark but anyone on his team they were all fully qualified to help and answer my questions in a timely manner. Very thankful and loved the great experience.

I had the fortune to meet Marc at a “mock” trial event a few years ago. I was so impressed by his calm but confident demeanor. About a year ago I had a friend who had gotten the run around from a different law firm so bad that they were going to give up pursuing their claim. I suggested he call Marc at Fennemore and Craig. Marc, along with his law partner James quickly seized control of the situation and inspired my friend and his family with professionalism and what can only be described as pure skill. If you are ever wrongfully injured I recommend Marc without hesitation.

James Goodnow is the best of the best. I worked with James for several years at Fennemore Craig and now have my own law firm. I can say, with confidence, that James is one of the best lawyers I know. He is a zealous advocate for plaintiffs, is brilliant, and his Harvard education in conjunction with his common sense and real-world experience make him an invaluable attorney. I have referred family members and friends to James, knowing that they are in the most capable hands possible, which is the biggest statement regarding my confidence in James as a person and attorney.

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