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Chicago Truck and Car Collision Lawyers

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Chicago Truck and Car Collision Lawyers

Car crashes can be serious. But when a car and a large truck – such as a semi – collide, the damage can be devastating. Often, the truck is barely damaged while the car is totaled and the passengers are seriously injured.

Commercial truck drivers have the obligation to drive safely, observe their surroundings and be aware of other vehicles on the road – no matter how small. It’s their responsibility to keep a safe distance from other vehicles and prevent accidents.

Being involved in an accident with a commercial truck can be extremely serious, which is why you need to make sure you have an expert legal team on your side. The Lamber Goodnow legal team has decades of experience litigating car-truck accidents. We and our partner firms are advocates for victims who’ve been hit by trucks and tractor-trailers in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Our record is storied, and successful. 

Trucking Company Negligence

Far too often, these types of accidents are completely preventable. Unsafe driving, driver fatigue, or mechanical failure can have catastrophic consequences. The injuries you or your family might suffer in these collisions can have lasting effects.

It’s our job to fight for you, establish the driver’s liability, and secure a settlement or a verdict in your favor.

With an office in downtown Chicago, we and our partner firms throughout Illinois will thoroughly investigate your accident. Our team includes not just experienced attorneys, but also an entire network of trucking accident experts. Our accident reconstructionists can analyze data to show exactly what happened – vividly – in your accident. Vocational specialists and medical experts can assess your injuries, your future ability to work, and the costs for your future care. And our investigators will look over every document, log, interview and file to make sure the full extent of the accident is clear when we fight the trucking company.

Recovery for Your Family

The medical bills after a car-truck accident in Illinois can feel insurmountable. And when a family is facing those medical expenses, in addition to lost wages, the stress can feel overwhelming. That’s why you need an expert legal team fighting for you.

After an accident, you should be focused on healing and recovery, not trying to piece-meal care, and nickel-and-dime bills. Insurance paperwork and legal forms can often be confusing – sometimes intentionally so – and we’ll be there to help counsel you, manage the process, and help you focus on what matter most: your family.

We’ve fought trucking companies for years, and understand their motivations and tactics. We and our partner firms have successfully settled cases like these, and also have won verdicts for our clients.

Through the legal process, all you can ask for is a monetary reward – no one can give you back time, or take away pain. Our job is to help hold the trucking company responsible, as well as the driver, for the losses you’ve experienced. And if we can obtain the maximum-possible compensation for you, you’ll be closer to putting your life back together. Those medical bills or lost wages won’t be as much of a strain. Instead, you can work on healing from the physical, emotional and financial damage.

Our Promise to You

Our team operates under a No-Fee Promise. With this, we promise our clients that they won’t pay a cent out-of-pocket for our services. Everything – the investigation, the filings, the work – is paid by our team. We’ll only get paid when we settle in your favor, or win a verdict in your favor.

By doing this, we’re making sure that you can focus your attention where it matters – on your family, friends and loved ones. You shouldn’t worry about legal bills after you’ve been in a car-truck accident.

To find out your rights, and understand your case, call (312) 757-7777, 24/7, to schedule a no-obligation, free consultation with a member of our team. We’ll talk with you and answer your questions, and help you start the recovery process.

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