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What Happens If A Doctor Says I’ll Never Fully Recover From My Car Accident?

Seeking medical attention following a car accident is the right decision, even if it doesn’t initially appear you have any major injuries. Many injuries are not visible to the naked eye, and some internal injuries take a few days to begin showing symptoms. If you forgo medical treatment following an accident, you could miss a diagnosis that could save your life. Leaving internal injuries untreated can cause them to become worse, to require more complicated treatment, and even cause serious long-term health issues. If your doctor tells you that you’ll never fully recover from the injuries you sustain in a car accident, you could face serious health and financial challenges. In our three decades of legal practice as Phoenix-based personal injury lawyers, we’ve seen firsthand how an accident can turn someone’s life upside down.

Ask Questions

The shock you feel when your doctor tells you a full recovery from the injuries you sustained is unlikely is normal. Finding out someone else’s negligence changed the entire course of your life in a matter of moments is difficult news to digest. You’re allowed to cry, to wonder why this happened to you, and to take a moment to yourself. The shock won’t disappear immediately, but you cannot forget to ask the right questions.

– How serious is my injury?
– Does this affect the overall quality of my life?
– Can I return to work?
– Can I do the same things I always did?
– How often will I see the doctor?
– Will I require medication or medical treatment for the rest of my life?
– Do I need any special equipment to maintain my good health?

These questions are imperative. Not only must you learn the answers to each one for your own benefit, you’ll need to know the answers when you decide to seek legal recourse with an attorney.

The Cost of Long-Term Health Problems

Long-term health issues are dangerous to your health as well as your financial situation. If you are going to require medical care, medication, special equipment, and potentially lose your ability to make money at a job you can no longer work, your financial life turns upside down. You might assume the at-fault driver’s insurance company will pay for these bills, but you’ll assume incorrectly. Most insurance policies only cover medical bills up to $10,000, which can leave you lacking significantly over the course of your life-long medical bills.

Seeking Damages

The other option you have when you receive news like this is to file a lawsuit to seek damages. The at-fault driver’s insurance company isn’t going to pay your medical bills forever, so it requires going after them for a larger settlement. If the at-fault driver’s insurance company won’t settle for what you need, we can file a lawsuit seeking proper damages.

– Medical bills
– Long-term medical care
– Pain and suffering
– Lost wages

This is a small sample of the type of damages we work to recover for our clients. Your medical bills can cause you to enter into bankruptcy past a certain point. Long-term medical care isn’t something you need to be responsible for when someone else caused your injury, and pain and suffering are common when accidents cause lifelong injuries. If your injury prevents you from returning to work, you lose your wages. This all works together to create a large financial disaster, and it’s not your job to continue suffering.

When you have the right team of legal professionals on your side, you can change the course of your future. You can’t change what happened in your accident, but you can ease some of the financial burden by pursuing a lawsuit that might allow you to win damages that can help you cover the cost of your medical bills and living expenses thanks to your newfound lack of income.

Our office does not charge clients for an initial consultation, and we look forward to hearing from you. You’re confused, scared, and unsure of the future right now, but we can help make it brighter. There is a statute of limitations for lawsuit filings in every state, so don’t wait too long to call for the help you need. We want to help improve your future.

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