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Woman killed after crash with DPS vehicle

In a number of our posts we have highlighted the importance of conducting thorough investigations of auto accidents. The reasons are quite important, and there are several. First, it is critical to have an accurate description of what actually happened. This requires a reconstruction of the accident so that it can be reasonably determined who was at fault.

Second, an inspection of the vehicles is important to rule out (or determine) if any mechanical failures played a part in the accident. There are circumstances where a driver will lose control of a vehicle because a defect unbeknownst to the driver caused the car to malfunction. In these instances, the driver could be absolved of liability, and the manufacturer could be held responsible for failing to address the defect.

In a recent accident involving a Department of Public Safety vehicle, it is likely that an investigation will take place. According to an report, a woman was killed when her vehicle collided with a DPS sport utility vehicle. A DPS spokesman said that the vehicle had the latest safety features, and likely saved the officer’s life.  The accident occurred on Loop 101 near the interchange with the Red Mountain Freeway at Loop 202 early Wednesday morning.

Initially, the cause of the crash is being blamed on excessive speed. It is reported that witnesses saw an erratic driver weaving through the lanes of the highway before the crash. Meanwhile, the investigation closed the southbound lanes of Loop 101. Officials indicated that the investigation could take several hours.

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