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Xarelto Lawyers

If you are taking Xarelto or one of its generic counterparts, you need to be aware of the potential side effects that you could experience. While some of these side effects are negligible and will improve over time, many of them are severe and could even be life-threatening.

At Lamber Goodnow, we are committed to protecting consumers from defective drugs. We believe that you need to be fully aware of the potential ramifications of using this drug.

If you believe you may have suffered (or may still be suffering) from adverse health consequences as a result of using Xarelto, first make sure to see a medical professional right away. After that, please feel free to contact us, and let us talk with you about helping you obtain the compensation you need and deserve.

Xarelto: Uses and Contraindications

Xarelto is a blood thinner used to treat people who have suffered from certain injuries or cardiac events such as strokes, heart attacks, and other conditions. It may also be used to treat deep vein thrombosis in certain people.

Xarelto is the brand-name version of the drug; however, be aware that there are generic ones as well. A blood thinner containing the ingredient rivaroxaban should be evaluated in the same light as Xarelto.

Xarelto should not be used for people who have difficulty forming blood clots or who have a history of excessive bleeding. If this description fits your situation, be sure to talk with your doctor about it before taking Xarelto or any of its generic counterparts.

Keep in mind that, although some of the side effects of Xarelto would be considered a nuisance and nothing more, the drug has a lengthy list of potential side effects that are considered serious and may even be life-threatening.

Side Effects of Xarelto: Major and Minor Issues

Because Xarelto has the potential to cause so many side effects, this article will not list and discuss every one of them. For a more thorough listing, see this webpage. Also, remember that your body may interact differently with the drug, so if you begin to experience any health issues once you start taking the medication—even if they are not found on the list of potential side effects—you should make sure to talk to your doctor right away.

Minor side effects. Some of the issues that may come about as a result of taking Xarelto are spasms in your muscles and the formation of blisters in various places of the body. While these side effects are unpleasant to be sure—and they can be frightening if you do not know to expect them—they do not tend to be overly serious. Frequently, these minor side effects will diminish in both frequency and severity as time passes. Some people will eventually stop experiencing them altogether as their bodies adjust to the drug.

Major side effects. Xarelto has the potential to cause many different major side effects. Again, this list is not exhaustive, and you should review this webpage (among other sources) for a more comprehensive listing.

If you are suffering from any of the major side effects of Xarelto, you need to understand the importance of seeking medical attention immediately. While it may seem frightening to go to an immediate care clinic for one of these symptoms, the result of not going could be serious injury or even death.

Some of the major side effects of Xarelto include:

  • Bleeding from the vagina, rectum, or other orifice. Xarelto has the potential to cause significant internal bleeding. As such, if you begin bleeding out of a bodily orifice, there is a chance it is related to your use of the drug.
  • Evidence of gastrointestinal bleeding. If you are experiencing blood in your stools, or stools that are red or have a “tarry” appearance, it could be evidence that you are bleeding in your intestinal tract. Likewise, if you start to experience sudden dysfunction of the bowel or bladder, it could be a result of the Xarelto.
  • Sudden nosebleeds or coughing up blood. Your mucous membranes in the nasal and throat are much thinner than other membranes in your body. If your blood is too thin and you begin to bleed internally, there is a good chance it will come out of these areas. Likewise, if your lungs are seeping blood, it will often be evidenced by a bloody discharge when you cough.
  • Vomiting blood or material that looks like coffee grounds. If your stomach is bleeding heavily, the blood may come up in your vomit. If you are expelling dark lumpy material that looks like coffee grounds, this is partially digested blood and is a sign that something is seriously wrong in your abdominal area.
  • Numbness, partial paralysis, tingling, or a “falling asleep” feeling in the extremities. While Xarelto side effects typically present themselves in the form of various types of internal bleeding, sometimes the drug can impact your nervous system. If something feels like it’s not quite right, you should see your doctor right away.

Call to Speak with a Xarelto Attorney

If you think you may be suffering from any of the above (or other) side effects of Xarelto, the first thing to do is take care of your health and see a doctor immediately. Some of these side effects can be deadly, and you should seek out medical attention right away.

Once you’ve done that, it may be time to think about your legal rights. You should talk to an experienced personal injury attorney.

At Lamber Goodnow, we have extensive experience in battling for the rights of those who were injured by the negligence of others. We’re happy to talk with you and help you understand your rights.

You may be able to collect for your expenses. Additionally, you might be able to obtain compensation for lost wages and possibly even pain and suffering. Contact us today and let’s talk. We do not charge to evaluate your case, and we don’t collect a fee until you get paid.

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