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Car torn in half after collision with bus

Three vehicles were involved in a devastating motor vehicle accident in north Phoenix recently, leaving three people with injuries. The accident saw an old Thunderbird literally ripped in half, and the driver of that vehicle — a 31-year-old woman — was taken to a local hospital with injuries that are being described as life-threatening.

The auto accident occurred when the Thunderbird suddenly went out of control and entered oncoming traffic. It is not clear why this happened, but a witness to the accident said that the Thunderbird “fishtailed” multiple times before it finally collided with the front of a city bus. Two people on the bus were taken to a nearby hospital for precautionary reasons.

The back half of the Thunderbird eventually spun off and into another vehicle, but it does not appear that anyone in that vehicle was injured. Police will investigate the matter to try to figure out why the driver of the Thunderbird suddenly lost control of her vehicle.

One of the aspects of this crash that is important for everyone to recognize is that the two passengers who were injured accepted medical treatment, even though it sounds as though their injuries were minor. After an accident, you should accept any medical care you are offered by emergency responders. It will help you heal faster, and it also provides a record of the injuries you sustained, which can be referenced in a lawsuit should you choose to pursue legal action.

In the meantime, the hope is that the 31-year-old is able to pull through.

Source: azcentral, “Valley Metro bus, cars collide; 3 hurt,” Clarissa Cooper and Brenda Carrasco, March 26, 2014

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