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85033 Is The Most Dangerous Zip Code In Phoenix

most dangerous zip in Phoenix

Four Intersections Leading to the Highest Number of Accidents in a Single Phoenix Zip Code

Four crossings in the 85033 area code have alarming statistics, landing them in Maricopa County’s top ten most dangerous intersections list.
No other zip code has as many intersections in the top 10.

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Intersection 1: Indian School and 67th Ave – A Hazardous Hive

Over 2017-2021, this intersection witnessed 263 accidents, accentuating the need for strategic traffic management in the area.

Intersection 2: Thomas and 75th Ave – Where Risk Resides

Just a stone’s throw away, 7455 W Thomas Rd saw 204 accidents within the same period. The nearby vicinity of these perilous points adds to the traffic complexity of the region.

Intersection 3: Indian School and 83rd Ave – Navigating through Nuisance

Further down the road, the crossing at 8251 W Indian School Rd accounted for 186 crashes, making it another critical hotspot for traffic safety in Phoenix.

Intersection 4: Indian School and 75th Ave – The Crossroad of Chaos

The intersection at 7501 W Indian School Rd surpassed its counterparts with a startling 249 crashes, emphasizing the need for immediate action to reduce accidents.

The Road Less Safe: Unique Factors contributing to High Accident Rates

Each intersection has its unique set of challenges. However, these four intersections on Indian School Rd and Thomas Rd share some common conditions contributing to their high accident rates.

1. Congestion due to School Zones

These intersections are in proximity to several schools, leading to significant pedestrian and vehicular traffic during peak hours. The mix of rushing students, school buses, and parents creates a chaotic environment.

2. Influx from Shopping Centers

Nearby shopping centers result in heavy traffic during weekends and holidays. Out-of-town visitors unfamiliar with the intersection layout and local traffic norms may make navigational errors leading to accidents.

3. Lack of Proper Signage

Drivers often report a lack of clear signage at these intersections, which can lead to confusion, especially when multiple lanes merge or split.

4. Inadequate Traffic Signal Timing

Improper traffic signal timing at these intersections, especially during peak hours, often results in gridlocks, escalating the risk of rear-end collisions.

5. Frequent Road Work

Regular road maintenance and construction work can disrupt traffic flow, leading to sudden changes in lane directions, closures, and detours, causing confusion among drivers.

The Intersection of Vigilance and Action

The intersections along Indian School Rd and Thomas Rd serve as potent reminders of the urgency for road safety improvements in Phoenix. They highlight a shared responsibility – between city authorities to implement infrastructural improvements, and drivers to adhere to traffic rules. By working together, we can transform these dangerous intersections into safe crossroads for all Phoenix commuters.

Maricopa County’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections

To gain a better understanding of the risk areas in our community, you can check out this link which provides a comprehensive map detailing Maricopa County’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections.

accident heat map

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