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Arizona high school shown mock drunk driving accident

One of the main talking points that usually comes out of a drunk driving accident is “why do these accidents keep occurring?” Everyone knows that drinking too much before taking to the wheel of a car is a bad idea, and that the driver is inherently less able to control his or her vehicle and less responsive to traffic conditions than a sober driver. So why do people keep doing it? Why does it keep happening?

The easy answer is that people make mistakes, and these types of accidents are simply bound to happen. So what, then, can be done to help prevent drunk driving accidents? Increasingly, the idea is to use scare tactics on younger drivers, with the hope that the frightening imagery shocks them into refraining from the act of drunk driving.

One Arizona high school received this treatment recently, as the entire student body was present for a mock drunk driving accident. The wreck showed the physical and emotional toll that an accident has on the people involved, and there were firefighters and emergency responders on hand to play out the immediate aftermath of such a crash.

Many students were profoundly affected, to the point that they needed to see counselors after the mock accident. That shouldn’t necessarily be celebrated, but it does demonstrate that these mock accidents can have a profound effect on people.

Remember: drunk driving is an extremely negligent act that greatly increases your chances of causing a devastating car accident. Be responsible, and refrain from getting behind the wheel of a car if you have had anything to drink. Otherwise, you could be liable for a traumatic accident that changes your life — and the lives of others — forever.

Source:, “Mock car crash shows students consequences of drunk driving,” Jill Galus, April 25, 2014

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