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Beware of Super Saturday hazards in parking lots

In a prior post, we highlighted the different dangers that can occur with holiday gifts. Essentially, people can be injured when they are overzealous about hanging holiday decorations, when they overdo it when drinking at a holiday party or with toys that have dangerous pieces (specifically young children). However, with Super Saturday looming, our focus with this post will be on shopping mall parking lots.

This weekend is being hyped as the last great shopping days before Christmas. Retailers will roll out huge discounts ostensibly not seen since Black Friday. With that, huge crowds are expected; which means that parking lots will be packed once again.  The combination of high traffic volume, great sales and low patience means that parking lots will be dangerous places. As such, drivers must be vigilant about the rules of the road…and common courtesy.

One thing that should not be forgotten is that the expectations regarding reasonable care that apply on Arizona’s streets and highways also apply to parking lots at Arizona Mills, Paradise Valley Mall and Park West Mall.  Essentially, drivers are expected to refrain from using their phones while navigating parking lots, avoid driving while under the influence of alcohol, and observe speed limits.

Should a driver fail to use such care, and an accident occurs as a result, an offending driver could be held liable. This means that an injured party could seek monetary compensation for their injuries. Indeed, people in cars may not suffer severe injuries in a parking lot crash, but pedestrians can be.

Ultimately, we hope that everyone is able to find the deals they want this weekend.


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