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Car Accidents in 85037, Phoenix’s Most Dangerous Intersection

Phoenix, renowned for its dynamic culture and scenic beauty, is also infamous for specific hazardous intersections prone to recurrent car accidents. Ranking at the top of this list is the intersection at 99th Avenue & Lower Buckeye Road.

A Snapshot of the Statistics

Data from reveals a staggering statistic: between 2017 and 2021, this intersection recorded an astounding 411 crashes, the most in Maricopa County. This alarming figure underscores the need for enhanced driver awareness and roadway improvements at this location.

85037: A Hub of Activity

Located in the heart of the 85037 postal code area, this intersection is amidst a bustling district pulsating with residential and commercial activities. The area sees high traffic due to its close proximity to key establishments, shopping centers, schools, and residential complexes. The increased vehicle movement, coupled with Phoenix’s fast-paced lifestyle, raises the risk quotient for accidents at this crossroad.

Intersections: The Collision Hotspots

In general, intersections are typical locations for car accidents. They are the points of convergence for two or more roads, leading to a heightened volume of vehicles. The maneuvers involved – turning, merging, yielding – significantly contribute to collision possibilities.

99th Avenue & Lower Buckeye Road: A Closer Look

At the 99th Avenue & Lower Buckeye Road intersection, the complexity is multiplied by the influx of vehicles from multiple directions. Distractions, impatience, and failure to comply with traffic signals often result in catastrophic accidents.

The Call for Safety Measures

With the rise in accidents, there’s a clarion call for enhanced safety measures at this intersection. This includes better signage, improved traffic signal timings, and perhaps, the installation of traffic-calming devices. These efforts combined with a commitment to safer driving practices can bring a significant change to the accident statistics of Phoenix’s most dangerous intersection.

Maricopa County’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections

To gain a better understanding of the risk areas in our community, you can check out this link which provides a comprehensive map detailing Maricopa County’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections.

accident heat map

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