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Car Accidents in 85374, Bell Ave & Grand Ave is the Most Dangerous Intersection in the Zip Code

Navigating the roads of Phoenix, Arizona, can be a challenging task, and intersections often pose a significant risk for car accidents. One such intersection that stands out for its alarming accident rate is Bell Ave & Grand Ave, located in the 85374 zip code. According to data from, this junction witnessed a staggering 223 crashes between 2017 and 2021, making it one of the top 10 most accident-prone intersections in Maricopa County. In this blog post, we will delve into the factors contributing to the high number of car accidents at Bell Ave & Grand Ave, along with general considerations that can influence road safety at intersections.

Bell Ave & Grand Ave: Location and Traffic Characteristics

Bell Ave & Grand Ave is a critical intersection situated within the bustling 85374 zip code in Phoenix. The surrounding area is a vibrant mix of commercial establishments, retail centers, and residential neighborhoods. Several well-known landmarks, such as U-Haul, Red Lobster, Chick-fil-A, Best Buy, Lowes, and Olive Garden, are situated close to the intersection, drawing heavy traffic throughout the day. The popularity of these businesses and the intersection’s proximity to schools and recreational facilities contribute to the high volume of vehicles and pedestrians, increasing the risk of collisions significantly.

Road Design and Infrastructure Challenges

One of the primary factors contributing to the high number of car accidents at Bell Ave & Grand Ave could be the road design and infrastructure challenges. Poorly designed intersections can lead to confusion among drivers, resulting in improper lane usage, sudden lane changes, and failure to obey traffic signals. It is essential for city planners and traffic engineers to conduct a thorough assessment of the intersection’s layout and implement necessary improvements, such as clearer signage, properly marked lanes, and effective traffic signals.

Driver Behavior: A Major Contributor to Intersection Accidents

Driver behavior plays a significant role in the frequency of car accidents at intersections. At Bell Ave & Grand Ave, several reckless behaviors contribute to the dangerous conditions. Aggressive driving, distracted driving (especially smartphone usage), and speeding are common issues that compromise road safety. To address this, strict law enforcement and educational campaigns aimed at promoting responsible driving behaviors must be implemented. Additionally, driver awareness programs can emphasize the importance of staying attentive, patient, and respectful while navigating intersections.

Weather-Related Hazards

Phoenix’s weather can be harsh, especially during certain seasons. Extreme heat, sudden monsoon storms, and dust storms can create hazardous driving conditions that drivers may not be adequately prepared for. Reduced visibility, slippery roads, and sudden changes in weather can increase the likelihood of accidents at intersections like Bell Ave & Grand Ave. Motorists must exercise caution, reduce speed, and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles during adverse weather conditions.

Pedestrian Safety Concerns

Intersections are not only high-risk areas for vehicular traffic but also for pedestrians. Bell Ave & Grand Ave witnesses a considerable number of pedestrians crossing daily, making pedestrian safety a top priority. Adequate pedestrian infrastructure, including crosswalks, traffic signals, and proper signage, is essential to ensure safe passage for pedestrians. Community education campaigns can also remind pedestrians about the importance of using designated crossings and staying alert while crossing the road.

Impaired Driving and Substance Abuse

Despite stringent laws against impaired driving, it remains a significant cause of accidents at intersections in Phoenix and beyond. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs impairs judgment and reaction times, making impaired drivers more likely to cause accidents, especially at intersections like Bell Ave & Grand Ave. Combating this issue requires ongoing efforts, including sobriety checkpoints, public awareness campaigns, and strict enforcement of DUI laws.


The intersection at Bell Ave & Grand Ave in Phoenix’s 85374 zip code has earned a notorious reputation as one of the top 10 most dangerous intersections in Maricopa County, with 223 reported crashes between 2017 and 2021. The complex mix of factors contributing to the high accident rate includes road design, driver behavior, weather-related hazards, pedestrian safety concerns, and the persistent issue of impaired driving. To combat the rising number of accidents, it is essential for city authorities, law enforcement agencies, and the community to work together in implementing road safety measures and promoting responsible driving habits. By prioritizing intersection safety and raising awareness about potential hazards, we can strive to make Bell Ave & Grand Ave and other intersections in Phoenix safer for all road users. Remember, road safety is a shared responsibility, and together, we can make a positive impact on the city’s driving culture.

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