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What to Do After a Car Accident Involving Children?

What-to-Do-After-a Car-Accident-Involving-ChildrenBecoming the victim of another person’s negligence in your car is devastating. There are few things more terrifying than being involved in an automobile accident, but being involved in an accident in which your children are also in the car is quite possibly one of the most terrifying moments in any parent’s life. Your children’s safety is your main concern, and any parent will agree nothing scares you more than the realization your child could be badly injured. When someone hits you or causes an accident while your children are with you, you have every right to worry. What you can’t do is panic. Your kids need you to remain calm and collected during this time, because they’ll be fearful enough on their own.

Q: What to do first?

A: The first thing you should do is check on your kids. If the accident occurred during a rainy day or in a puddle or small body of water, be sure your kids are not in the water. Kids in car seats can become submerged in water unable to remove themselves with their constraints. Once you have determined they are in no immediate danger, call the police. If your child is complaining they cannot feel a body part, that they cannot move, or if they are stuck under the vehicle or a large object, please wait for the paramedics to arrive. You don’t know what kind of injuries they’ve sustained, and moving them could make things far worse.

Q: Who to Call?

A: The police are going to come to the aid of you and the other people involved in your accident. Call to be sure they are on their way. It’s time to gather your personal information, insurance card, and begin exchanging information with the at-fault driver. Once the police arrive, discuss the accident in detail. They’ll file an accident report, and you’ll obtain a copy of that report when they are finished.

Q: Should I Seek Medical Attention?

A: Even if you feel fine and have no visible injuries, ask to see a doctor. If there are kids in the accident with you, see a doctor. They need medical attention to check for things that might not be visible, and you’ll regret not allowing them to see a doctor to eliminate the possibility of any internal injuries or other issues.

Q: What is the Accident Happened with Children Outside the Vehicle?

A: In some cases, the accident in which you are involved is not with children in your vehicle but rather outside your vehicle. If you hit a child while driving along the road, it’s a dangerous situation. Always drive the speed limit and stay focused on the road when driving, but especially do so when you are driving in an area where there are children present. If you see a child in the road, slow down and do your best to avoid them or warn them you are coming.

Q: Why Should I Call an Attorney?

A: If you are involved in an accident in which you hit a child or a child runs in front of your vehicle unexpectedly, you have many issues with which to contend. You are not necessarily at fault if you didn’t see a child come from behind a parked car, but you want to obtain legal representation right away. Always stop to ensure the child is safe, call the authorities, and find his or her parents. Stay with the child until the police arrive, and report the accident immediately.


Then call an attorney. Children are the most important people in the lives of their families, and you could be in serious legal trouble if a child’s family decides to sue you and seek compensation for damages. You’ll want an attorney on your side if this happens. It’s best to know what rights you have, what you can say and do to keep yourself out of more trouble than you might already be in, and what you might expect if you are taken to trial. It’s not an easy situation, but you can handle it with the help of an experienced attorney on your side. Our attorneys are here to help you if you’re in an accident with your children.

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