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Congratulations To Our 2022 Scholarship Winners

The Lamber Goodnow legal team, Phoenix’s top personal injury law firm, is proud to announce this year’s winners of our annual Scholarships Program!


Scholarship announcement 2022 EOY winners

College Scholarship            One  $1,000 Scholarship Award 

Karyna Fowler

Karyna Fowler graduated from Wheeler High School and is now enrolled at Bucknell University.  Karyna has always felt strongly about finding creative ways to impact the lives of others through volunteering.  After Karyna’s mother’s cancer diagnosis, she discovered the organization: Be the Match. This organization’s mission is to match cancer patients needing a bone marrow transplant to a potentially life-saving donor.  Karyna and her friend co-founded a non-profit Etsy: Be the Match Butterfly.  Karyna and her friend make and sell handmade butterfly jewelry and donate all profits to Be the Match Foundation.  Be the Match Butterfly has already earned over $1000 in revenue and over $500 has been donated to Be the Match Foundation to cover the fees for 8 test kits.

College Scholarship            One  $1,000 Scholarship Award 

Shreya Shivakumar

Shreya Shivakumar  graduated John P. Stevens High School and is now enrolled at Barnard College, Columbia University. When volunteering at a local food pantry, Shreya discovered that underprivileged people with food allergies could seldom afford allergy-safe foods.  She began coordinating allergy -friendly food drives and her project transformed into Nourish America, a charitable organization providing organic and allergy-friendly food to people in need. This organization has donated over 4500 pounds of food to communities in New York, New Jersey, and Michigan and hosted annual Notes for Nourish concerts to raise funds to alleviate hunger. Shreya feels that the right to nutritious, safe food is a fundamental human right and she is fighting to extend this right to everyone regardless of race, age, or income.


Law School Scholarship                  One $1,000 Scholarship Award

Brooke Hodson Davies

Brooke Hodson Davies obtained her Bachelor of Science from Utah Valley University and her Masters of Public Administration from University of Utah. Brooke currently is a secondary high school educator. She has been involved with track and cross country for 17 years. Law has woven its way through Brooke’s life for over a decade. From these personal experiences and throughout her career as an educator, she has been inspired to go to law school and make a positive impact in the justice system. In her career as an attorney, she will strive to bring hope to underserved and overlooked populations.

Nursing School Scholarship           One $1,000 Scholarship Award

Hannah Spencer

Hannah Spencer recently completed the College of Lake County’s CNA program.  As an eight-year-old, Hannah carried a makeshift first aid kit just in case someone fell and scraped their knee.  Caring for others has always come natural. Last summer, Hannah worked at a nursing home where she gained experience working directly with patients.  Hannah looks forward to fulfilling her passion by continuing her nursing education so she can continue helping and caring for people.

PT/OT School Scholarship              One $1,000 Scholarship Award

Shelbi Knauer

Shelbi Knauer attended Kentucky Christian University and has been accepted to the South College Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. From a young age, Shelbi always dreamt of a career in the medical field. When Shelbi was in undergrad, she had her own medical fight with Covid-19. She experienced a long recovery and part of her recovery involved amazing care from a physical therapist. Shelbi cannot wait to become a physical therapist and give back what her physical therapist gave to her – a hope for healing.


Medical School Scholarship           One $1,000 Scholarship Award

Sam Mathew

Sam Mathew is currently attending Gonzaga University as a nurse practitioner student – Psychiatric Mental Health. Sam has worked in the medical filed for many years. He previously served as a RN Staff Nurse and has been a community mental health nurse for over 10 years. Sam hopes to lend himself to the community in the role as an advanced practice nurse providing care to the mentally ill.  In addition to Sam’s medical career, he also previously served in the Air Force.

As 2022 drew to an end, students around the world continued to feel the impact of the pandemic. While things have returned to somewhat “normal” for students, we know that many lost months of learning, knowledge, and life experiences.  We are proud and honored that despite all of the challenges and set-backs, so many individuals submitted scholarship applications.  We would like to congratulate our annual scholarship winners Karyna, Shreya, Brooke, Hannah, Shelbi, and Sam! Many thanks to everyone who entered our scholarship programs in 2022!



For more information about our next round of scholarship opportunities with a deadline of December 1, 2023, please visit the Lamber Goodnow Injury Law Team Education Scholarships page.

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