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Did a medical event cause crashes

We have noted in a number of our posts the importance of conducting investigations after car accidents. Essentially, looking into the cause of a crash is critical in determining how the accident occurred and who (or what) may have been at fault. This may give authorities the information they need to bring criminal charges against an offending driver, and civil cases may be brought as well.

An investigation is going to be all too important in the case of an elderly woman who reportedly caused a series of accidents on an Arizona freeway on Saturday afternoon. According to an report, the woman was driving near Thomas Road and 15th Street in Phoenix when she reportedly hit a person riding a motorized scooter.

The woman continued on towards 16th Street, where she hit a pick-up truck. She crossed through the intersection at 16th Street and struck another vehicle head-on. Fortunately, none of the other drivers hit were seriously injured. As for the elderly woman, she was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead shortly after arriving.

While an investigation is pending, early indications suggest that the woman may have suffered a medical episode while behind the wheel that may have been the cause of the accidents.  A spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department explained that no physical injuries existed from the various collisions, and that the woman may have passed away from natural causes.

The unfortunate event is another example of why thorough car accident investigations are important to determining fault.

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