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Don’t Believe Me Just Watch

Apple Watch


Advanced wearable technology is of course all the rage at the moment, giving us yet another device to check in our world of oversaturated notifications and indeed, another piece of tech equipment to keep charged before rushing to your next meeting. So, when Apple first introduced it’s beautiful, yet highly “beta-like” Apple Watch, the team at Lamber Goodnow embraced the timepiece anyway with open wrists, making a fashion statement – and ultimately looking for increased productivity.

Now, with the launch of the second edition Apple Watch, the Lamber Goodnow team gives the wristwatch a resounding “thumbs up,” with our left hands raised of course, proudly showing off our newest fashionably updated techy accessories. (It’s perhaps now one of the most famous timepieces in history, right after Flavor Flav’s necklace clock!).

Like all things Apple, the watch is extremely beautiful and the new faces are exquisitely fun. Along with offering seamless integration with notes, reminders, text messaging and calendars,  the new OS-2 is night and day better than the original, and it’s much more reliable – now fast and responsive with extended battery life. Apps are now native to the device, so there’s no more loading from your phone, and the digital touch is much more reliable. So from a productivity perspective, it’s now a prime time product rather than a novelty, with a feel that it’s been de-tethered from the phone – an autonomous piece of technology that has definitely come into its own with enhanced Siri, nightstand mode and Wi-Fi calling.

From a general convenience and efficiency standpoint, replying to e-mails from the watch is now much smoother as the number of canned responses has been updated, allowing for discreet responses to urgent matters even if you’re in a meeting, without unduly distracting others.


The Lamber Goodnow team has implemented a VIP program utilizing the Apple Watch for certain clients, and it’s such an extension of the human interaction that the practice group strives for in all of its Plaintiff’s Personal Injury cases. If the need is urgent, a client can tap, or digitally touch us, and it’s like reaching out and tapping your attorney on the wrist at an often emotional time when a person has been injured or hurt – or when they have just lost a loved one.


Internally, the Lamber Goodnow team has also developed a digital tap code.

  • If you’re in a meeting and you feel two taps, it means check your e-mail.
  • Four taps is urgent – I may need to gracefully exit this meeting, and
  • 10 taps is an emergency – something is going down!

Again, from a productivity and efficiency viewpoint, the watch offers some unique multitasking capabilities that can be performed in a much less impolite manner than say checking your phone while in the middle of an interaction with a client or colleague.


Our clients’ well-being is always paramount, as well as our own, and with the new Apps, we’ve taken advantage of biometric feedback features like the heart rate sensor to monitor our stress levels and take productive measures when necessary. Reminders are set to get up from your desk and stand and walk every 50 minutes, hydrate, de-stress when necessary with deep breathing exercises; and activities like our new in-house Yoga program have become a natural, organic extension of the technology driving these initiatives.

All in all – a great upgrade – and a new essential in the Apple line of products that our practice depends on daily.

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