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Drunk, speeding, red-light-running driver arrested after crash

No matter how many times you see car accident stories and think “surely these things ebb and flow,” there’s another car accident story just waiting for you hours later. Car accidents happen all the time; there’s no stopping that. But the sheer negligence involved in many of them seems unyielding. You would think that, at some point, there would be a natural collective push by drivers to operate their vehicle safely.

Instead, we get drunk drivers, texting drivers, distracted drivers and speeding drivers going in every direction on roads all across the country. As if we needed another example, a man was arrested in Phoenix recently after he was involved in a car accident that seriously injured the other driver.

A 44-year-old man was allegedly speeding, according to an off-duty police officer who witnessed the crash. The 44-year-old then bolted through a red light before colliding with a vehicle being driven by a 32-year-old man. He was listed in critical condition after the wreck. The police also said that they believe alcohol is a factor in the car accident. They are awaiting toxicology results on the 44-year-old.

Imagine the amazing disregard for public safety and, really, the disrespect for other people in general it takes to get behind the wheel of a car — while drunk — and then travel at unsafe speeds. And then, have that person ignore vital traffic signals and rules.

It is incredibly reckless and the driver who caused this crash deserves to be held responsible for his actions not just in criminal court, but civil court as well. The 32-year-old he injured could have his life changed forever, and he could be dealing with massive medical bills that he in no way should have incurred.

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