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Fatal wreck leaves vehicle on top of center divider

Unfortunately for many people, they can already imagine being in a serious car accident because they have lived through such an ordeal. But for the people who have not, take a look at the photographs in our source article for this post, and you will see just how devastating a motor vehicle accident can be. The twisted metal and the scattered shrapnel, sitting eerily still near the scene is in contrast with the violent, jarring collision that just occurred is a common sight after a serious car accident.

And this is to say nothing of the people who were inside the vehicle. They may have suffered serious, catastrophic or even fatal injuries. Should they survive the wreck, or even if they weren’t harmed in the accident, they could suffer mental or emotional anguish as a result of the crash. Severe motor vehicle accidents are very serious on a number of levels, and the accident outlined in our source article is no different, even if it was only a single vehicle wreck.

The car accident happened in Tucson, Arizona in the early morning hours of yesterday, as one vehicle ended up on the center divider after the crash was over. The driver was transported to a hospital with life-threatening injuries, and the passenger of the vehicle was killed. The road was closed for a few hours as a result.

Police will investigate the crash and more details will surely be released in the coming days. The mental state of the driver and her possible impairment will certainly be a major question.

Source: KVOA, “Fatal accident on Tucson’s southside closes roads,” Swetha Iyengar, March 3, 2014

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