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I Feel Fine; Should I Still See A Doctor After My Automobile Accident?

I-Feel-Fine-Should-I-Still-See-A-Doctor-After-My-Automobile-AccidentOne of the most commonly asked questions following any car accident regards medical attention. Those involved in minor accidents, fender benders, and even serious accidents assume they’re not in need of medical attention if their injuries aren’t obvious. If you cannot see an injury, if you cannot find a laceration, there’s no blood, and you feel find, you assume you’re fine. There’s nothing wrong with assuming that, but it’s something you shouldn’t assume. When you’re involved in an accident, anything could happen. Just because you can’t see an injury doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Internal bleeding, whiplash, injured organs and other internal injuries occur even in a minor automobile accident. The assumption you’re fine is dangerous, because the injuries you sustain can get worse when they’re left untreated. Sometimes injuries of this nature kill people. Always see a doctor following an accident.

Q: Should I do Immediately Seek Medical Attention?

A: Most medical professionals and legal professionals advise you get checked out by a medical doctor right away. There is nothing to lose by seeing a doctor following accident, but there is everything to gain. You’ll feel far better taking time to see the doctor only to find out it’s nothing than you will waiting until you feel pain only to find out you are seriously injured. Additionally, if you plan on filing a lawsuit against the driver at-fault in the accident, medical records showing injuries are more helpful if they’re issued right after the accident occurs.

Q: What will Happen the Day After?

A: Many people wait until the day after an accident to seek medical attention, which is usually fine. It’s during this time you realize you hurt, things aren’t right, and there might be more going on than meets the eye. It’s common to wake up the morning following an accident with pain and soreness, and it doesn’t mean you’ve suffered exceptional injuries. However, some latent symptoms could mean you do have more serious injuries.

Whiplash and other muscle injuries sometimes take days or even weeks to appear, and this means seeking medical attention is necessary. If you feel you want to wait it out, seeking medical attention the day after your accident is usually a fine decision.

Q: What are the Other Symptoms?

A: One of the biggest mistakes accident victims make is assuming anything they feel is due to stress or it’s common. Headaches, body aches, and other symptoms aren’t easy to self-diagnose. That headache you’ve had for three days since your accident might be stress-induced. It’s not an easy task to have your entire world turned upside down forcing you to deal with insurance companies, police reports, and car repairs. It’s enough to cause anyone to feel run down and unwell, but it’s not always the reason. Sometimes it’s a sign of a more serious injury. You could have a brain injury, a concussion, or even internal bleeding and not know if you self-diagnose your more common symptoms.


Seeking medical attention following an accident is always a good idea. If you’re worried about medical bills, don’t. Your health insurance will help, and insurance might reimburse you for the cost of your co-pay or deductible. If the other driver’s insurance company is offering you a settlement, negotiate with them to add your medical fees to the mix since you wouldn’t have incurred those fees if you weren’t involved in that accident.

If you cannot reach an agreement with the other insurance company, the other driver doesn’t have insurance, or you find out they’re denying responsibility for the accident, it’s time to contact a personal injury accident attorney. Our job is to find out what happened, prove your case, and seek damages for the medical bills and other costs you’ve incurred as a result of this accident. We never charge clients for their initial consultation, and our services only cost you if you win your case. Let us help you seek the medical fees, the repair costs, and other damages if someone else’s negligence causes an accident that ruins your life financially or medically. It helps if you see the doctor right away, too.

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