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Four safety tips for pedestrians on Halloween

With Halloween coming on Friday, it is an opportune time to remind our readers of how important it is for drivers to be safe and attentive while behind the wheel. Children from across the Phoenix metro area will be dressed up to walk through neighborhoods in search of candy on Halloween night. With so many kids on the streets, drivers should take extra precautions so that kids will make it home safely.

This warning is more than just hyperbole. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, pedestrian accidents spike on October 31 of each year. With that, the following tips should help drivers and trick-or-treaters alike.

Be sure to be seen – Try to make sure that your Trick-or-Treaters are wearing bright colored costumes so that drivers see them in the dark. Also, if their costumes can accommodate small LED lights, that would be ideal. Otherwise, make sure to have a good flashlight.

Don’t drink and drive – Indeed, it is common sense that you should not drink and drive, but a drunk driver is an immediate hazard to pedestrians and other drivers alike. Remember, many more children will be on the streets on Friday night.

Pay attention to where you are walking – people who are walking with children should keep their focus on the kids and not on Facebook updates. Also, for the same reasons drivers should not drink and drive,  texting and driving should be avoided.

Be wary of intersections – At four-way stops and intersections without stoplights, cars are supposed to give pedestrians the right of way, but there may instances where the driver does not see a pedestrian. As such, take extra care at intersections.


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