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Head injuries may have been suffered in 3-car crash

Three vehicles were involved in an accident in Arizona recently that left two people injured and a couple of the vehicles in shambles. There are photos of the wreckage in our source article, and they show just how devastating motor vehicle accidents can be. The wreck started because a tire on a pickup truck blew out, causing the vehicle to suddenly swerve into oncoming traffic.

The truck then hit the driver’s side of another vehicle before a third vehicle became entangled in the accident. The injuries suffered by one of the accident victims were not made clear, while another injured person suffered injuries to his or her chest, leg and head.

Head injuries in motor vehicle accidents can be extremely damaging. A traumatic brain injury can change the course of a person’s life. They may not be able to think or function in the way they did prior to their accident. A TBI can rob them of their normal functionality, and it can force them to stay away from activities and events they once loved.

The emotional toll this can have on a person is immense. They can lose their enjoyment of live, and they can suffer mentally. These elements can actually be referenced in a personal injury lawsuit against any negligent or reckless drivers involved in your wreck. All of the effects the accident has had on your life can be measured and referenced — and the lawsuit can help you get the compensation you need and deserve to cope with your new situation.

Source: Verde Independent, “Three-car accident injures two,” May 13, 2014

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