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If the insurance company wants me to see their doctor, do I have to see them?

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Am I Required to See a Doctor Chosen by the Insurance Company?

In short, the answer is no.

In my experience as a personal injury attorney with over 30 years in the field, I’ve encountered numerous questions from clients about the demands of insurance companies, particularly regarding medical examinations. In the video above, I address one of the most frequently asked questions: Are you required to see a doctor chosen by the negligent party’s insurance company? Here, I’ll elaborate on the points covered in the video and provide a deeper understanding of your rights and options.

Your Right to Choose Your Doctor

You have the autonomy to select your healthcare provider. This decision should be based on trust and comfort, ideally choosing a doctor recommended by family, friends, or trusted associates. The importance of selecting a doctor who not only has the necessary medical expertise but also a good bedside manner cannot be overstated.

Understanding Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)

The Legal Implications of IMEs

If your case progresses to a lawsuit, the insurance company of the other party may request an Independent Medical Examination (IME). This is a standard procedure in legal disputes to objectively assess and verify claimed injuries. It’s important to understand that this is not an unusual request and is part of the legal process.

While the idea of an IME might seem intimidating, it’s crucial to understand its role in your case. It’s a mechanism for the insurance company to get a professional evaluation of your injuries. This does not diminish the assessments made by your chosen doctors.

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When Your Own Insurance Company Requests a Second Opinion

In situations where you’re claiming through your own auto insurance, particularly when the other driver lacks insurance, your insurer might ask for a medical examination to verify your injury. This is usually a straightforward process, aimed at confirming the specifics of your claim.

Key Points to Remember

Empowerment through Information

Stay informed about your rights and the insurance company’s procedures. Your health and well-being are paramount, and your comfort with your medical care is crucial.

The Role of Legal Counsel

Having legal support is vital in navigating insurance requests. As your attorney, I can guide you through these requests, ensuring your rights are protected while complying with the necessary legal procedures.

Documentation and Communication

Keep thorough records of all medical consultations and treatments. Clear documentation and transparency in your medical history are essential not only for your recovery but also for strengthening your legal case.

Conclusion: Balancing Health and Legal Rights

Dealing with insurance companies post-accident can be complex. It’s essential to understand your rights, especially regarding medical evaluations. Prioritize your health and well-being, and seek legal advice to navigate these processes.

FAQs About Insurance Company Doctor Requests:

Q: Do I have the right to choose my own doctor after an accident?

A: Absolutely. Your choice of doctor should be based on trust and professional credibility, not dictated by an insurance company.

Q: What is an Independent Medical Examination (IME)?

A: An IME is an evaluation by a doctor at the insurance company’s request, usually during legal proceedings, to assess the injuries you’ve claimed.

Q: Should I attend an IME if requested by the insurance company?

A: If a lawsuit is filed, you might be required to undergo an IME. It’s advisable to consult with your attorney to understand its implications and prepare accordingly.

Q: What if my own insurance company requests a second medical opinion?

A: If your claim is through your own insurance, they may request a second opinion for verification. This is standard in the claims process.

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