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Intoxicated truck driver flees after killing 2, injuring 5

A truck accident in western Arizona killed two people, dealt numerous others serious injuries and left a man in handcuffs. It appears the tractor trailer accident was entirely avoidable — if the driver had only decided to not act in a negligent manner.

The accident occurred early in the morning last Friday, as a SUV carrying seven people was struck in the rear by a semi truck. The SUV spun out of control and rolled over, eventually ejecting two people who died as a result of their injuries. The five other people in the SUV suffered moderate to severe injuries, with one person — a 4-year-old — listed in critical condition at a hospital.

The semi truck driver tried to flee the scene of the accident, but he was caught very shortly after leaving the accident. He was arrested for that escape attempt, and he will also face DUI and second-degree homicide charges (in addition to several counts of aggravated assault).

Yet again we see a truck driver taking very little care with his job, thus causing innocent people to suffer. Truck drivers need to be very cautious on the road. Their vehicles are big and powerful, and they usually cause immense damage and injuries when they are part of a motor vehicle accident.

And yet, too often we hear about truck drivers who skirt rest laws, or take amphetamines or drugs to stay awake, or generally operate their vehicle in a negligent or irresponsible fashion. Should a truck driver’s negligence be proven, they can be held liable in both criminal and civil court.

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