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I Was Involved In A Hit and Run Accident. Am I Still Covered?

No one wants another driver to hit them and cause damage to their car or their health, but it happens thousands of times each day around the world. Negligent drivers not paying attention to the road, not following the rules of the road, and not obeying the law are problematic for the rest of us. Even though you don’t put much thought into what you’ll do if you’re involved in a car accident because you don’t expect it to occur, you certainly don’t put any thought into what you’d do if you were involved in a hit and run accident.

A hit and run accident is one in which someone causes an accident, and then that person leaves the scene. It’s not someone who provides their information to the other driver or police and then leaves to get somewhere quickly. It’s someone who causes an accident or damage and takes off before anyone has a chance to get their information or their name. This is a person trying to outrun the law and get away with causing an accident without taking responsibility, and it is against the law.

One of the most common questions our attorneys are asked is what happens in terms of your insurance coverage if someone hits you, runs, and leaves you with medical bills, vehicle damage, and a lot of confusion. A hit and run can be as traumatic as a major accident, or it can be as minor as someone backing into your car in the parking lot leaving a big dent but a drivable car before taking off.

Insurance and Hit and Run Accidents

If the driver of the other vehicle takes off without giving you any information, it’s probably going to come down to your insurance company footing the bill unless the other driver is caught quickly. If the damage is minor, you’ll want to pay for it yourself rather than contacting your insurance company if you have a high deductible. Let’s say your deductible is $500 and someone merely busted your headlight when they backed into you and took off from a parking lot. The repair quote you receive is around $300. The damage is less than your deductible, so paying it out of pocket is the best option.

If the damage is significant, call your insurance company. They’ll handle the claim for you, and they’ll help you, but only if you have the correct coverage. Collision coverage is necessary if you want your insurance company to pay for damage caused by another car or object. Comprehensive coverage is what you need if someone damages your car by vandalizing it and running.

Hit and Run Accidents

If you are present when you are hit, try to snap a photo or memorize details of the car that hit you. You might grab the license plate number and the make and model in addition to the color of the vehicle. It’s also helpful if you can catch a glimpse of the driver, and it’s always useful to remember which direction they went. This helps the police know where to begin looking to find this person. Your insurance company will want to go after their insurance company if they’re caught so they can seek reimbursement for the money they paid for your repairs and medical bills.

If you’re unsure what to do following a hit and run accident, you’re not alone. Calling our attorneys gives you a chance to find out what rights you’re entitled to, how to handle the case, and it gives you a chance to discuss a lawsuit if the driver is later discovered and arrested for fleeing the scene of a crime. Your insurance will cover you during a hit and run, but only if you carry the correct coverage for your vehicle. Let us help you find answers, get results, and help you with a case when you are considering a lawsuit against a driver who hit you and left the scene. It’s now considered a crime, and there are additional options for victims of a crime of this nature.

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