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Lamber Goodnow Legal Team Announces 2019 Scholarship Winners

2019 Lamber Goodnow Scholarship Winners

The Lamber Goodnow legal team at Fennemore Craig is proud to announce the 2019 winners of the Lamber Goodnow Education Scholarships!

College Scholarships              Two for $1,000 each

Zain Ali

As an engineer and entrepreneur, in collaboration with TED’s youth and education initiative, Zain Ali brought the TED-Ed Club to his local community, creating an inclusive environment where each young individual brought a completely new and unique perspective to the world around them. Conversations ranged from bullying, mental health, anxiety, student stress, beauty, and artificial intelligence – and to whether or not tomorrow may lead to school closing for a snow day! After visiting TED’s New York headquarters, Ali organized one of the largest TEDx events in the Washington Metropolitan area, TEDxYouth@Brambleton with a focus on “The Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs of the 21st Century Teen Experience.” This rising leader will graduate from George Mason University with a degree in computer science in 2023.

Isabel McNulty

At the age of five, Isabel McNulty was diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic heart valve. Fighting courageously throughout her life, she has been driven to innovate, encouraging and helping others on a similar path. She created and designed a four-week full-body challenge called “Heart Lift.” The goal of the challenge is to introduce different weight-based exercises to anyone who is looking for a new way to achieve a more heart-healthy lifestyle. The challenge is available online for free: After graduating from high school in May 2020, McNulty hopes to study business and kinesiology in college – with a goal of continuing to help and inspire others.

Nursing Scholarship              One for $1,000

Cassandra Bernard 

Long before she became a mother to children of her own, Cassandra Bernard took on the role of one by comforting crying children, attending to early morning feedings, and working tirelessly in the evenings doing laundry and preparing meals in a household of seven sisters and two brothers with absent father figures and a mom with addiction issues. Instead of giving up, Bernard chose nursing as her career path – and a chance to provide understanding and support to individuals who see no promise for a future. Now enrolled at Central Arizona College and Arizona State University in the concurrent RN/BSN nursing program, Bernard is looking at 2020 as becoming Cassandra Bernard, RN, BSN.

Law School Scholarship        One for $1,000

Gabriella (Gabby) Sergi

Gabriella Sergi’s life instantly changed forever at age five when her father was sent to prison. Traumatized by the experience, it was not until college where Gabby met others with similar backgrounds who grew up with their parents behind bars. Her education transformed her into a community leader, educating hundreds of at-risk and system-involved juvenile justice youth about their rights, consequences of crime, and life skills with Fresh Lifelines for Youth. Currently a 1L at University of California Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco, CA, Sergi plans on becoming a Public Defender in the Bay Area, continuing to serve those impacted by mass incarceration and our criminal justice systems.

 Medical School Scholarship              One for $1,000

DeMario Butt

Having witnessed a family member die due to a physician’s neglect, DeMario Butts has pursued a career in medicine with a goal of helping people live healthier, longer lives through competent and compassionate healthcare. His goal as a physician is to lobby and educate lawmakers on the importance of preventative health measures, the need for improving the communication modalities used to reach and educate patients and resources to improve the cultural competence and awareness among healthcare providers. Currently a fourth-year medical student at Howard University College of Medicine, ten years from now, DeMario sees himself as an academic practitioner with a predilection for teaching and public policy.

Physical Therapist/Occupational Therapist Scholarship                 One for $1,000

Aleina Tanabe

As a 12-year-old, Aleina Tanabe moved in with her grandmother after she broke her hip and had a stroke. The experience of making eggs each morning, bathing her grandmother, and being by her side during seemingly mundane tasks – and witnessing the weekly work of a visiting occupational therapist – had a profound impact on Aleina. A decade later, Tanabe served as a full-time AmeriCorps volunteer with a Palliative Care/Hospice program. Currently a Doctor of Occupational Therapy student at Pacific University, Tanabe is excited to continue on her academic and professional journey with OT – and to live in the service of others.

The Lamber Goodnow legal team congratulates these innovative finalists, and all of the hard working students who entered our scholarship competitions in 2019. By making goals that enliven you to take action, often with education being one of the keys that may open the closed doors in front of you, you can transform your life — and change the world.

Our 2020 scholarships program is now open. Thanks for your interest — and here’s to following your own path; one that matches your vision for a brighter future.

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