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Mysterious pickup truck crash brings about questions

Fatal auto accidents can certainly bring about shock, sadness and leave family members and loved ones with questions about what exactly happened. These types of accidents also garner headlines, but sometimes the news reports fail to report the actual cause of the accident. This is not always a failure of the media, because it is responsible journalism to report on the facts, instead of perpetuating theory or innuendo.

In these situations, it is critical that a proper investigation is conducted so that the actual cause of a crash is revealed. In a few of our posts, we have touched on the importance of a thorough investigation. Essentially, an investigation can help in revealing the true cause of an accident, and this is necessary in establishing fault and possible legal liability.

For instance, if Driver A crashes into Driver B, it may seem at first glance that Driver A is at fault. However, an investigation may reveal that Driver B made an improper lane change and did what is referred to as a “swoop and squat”; a maneuver designed to intentionally create an accident. An inquiry may also reveal that Driver A’s car was subject to a recall and Driver A was not properly notified of it, and the defect was the cause of the crash. In either scenario, it is likely that Driver A would not be held at fault.

With this in mind, police are investigating a recent crash where a man drove his truck into a Glendale barber shop. At this point, authorities do not know whether alcohol, excessive speed or mechanical issues caused the crash; but the findings could determine liability.

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