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New car buying tips for the New Year

The New Year’s holiday is more than just about having champagne, beginning a clean slate and celebrating the start of a new year with new opportunities. For automakers, this time of year is likely geared towards generating more sales of 2015 models. It is common for buyers to follow suit and take advantage of year-end deals. With that said, it is important for prospective buyers to be wary of the safety issues they may not be aware of because they may be enamored with the prospect of having a new car.

As such, new car buyers should recognize the following tips.

Learn to manage technology – If you are buying a 2015 model, chances are that your new car will have a module to control your smartphone and even send (and receive) voice-based text messages. However, you will have to take the warning message that is displayed at ignition to heart. The fewer distractions you have from technology, the less likely it will be a factor in an accident.

Buy for your purpose – If you are buying for a specific purpose, make sure to pick a car to fulfill it. Essentially, if you are looking to save money on gas, avoid SUVs or muscle cars. If you are toting the kids around, avoid two door vehicles.

Understand the car’s limitations – Even though you may not know the exact specifications of your new car (e.g. engine size, fuel injection system) you should understand how it handles, how it accelerates and the limitations on its braking systems.


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